Are Bamboo Pillows Worth It? 🛏️ (We Find Out)

There has been a lot of talk about bamboo pillows in recent years, with satisfied customers saying these bedtime accessories help them get a better night’s sleep. There are a number of important reasons that fans gravitate toward this material when shopping for a new pillow, but many consumers might not understand what makes them different from all the other products on the market.

The last time I went out looking for a pillow, I wanted to do some research into what makes bamboo such a popular option. Keep reading to discover what I found out.

Is it worth it to buy a bamboo pillow? Even though your personal sleeping style will determine which type of pillow is best suited for your needs, the bamboo pillow has several beneficial qualities that should earn it a spot on almost anyone’s shopping list.

In addition to the obvious comfort factor, these products boast some advantages over other pillows that could help improve your overall health and well-being in the long run.

Of course, no sleep accessory is perfect, and there are a few issues you should know about before spending money to purchase a bamboo pillow. In the sections below, I will discuss the good, the bad, and the unexpected as they pertain to this revolutionary pillow style.

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What Does a Bamboo Pillow Have to Offer?

It seems that a range of new pillows has shown up in stores and online in recent years, making it difficult to decide which is the right choice. If you’re looking for a well-rounded product that will meet a wide range of sleeping needs, however, the bamboo pillow is one that you should definitely consider.

Do not let the name fool you because putting your head on one of these pillows is nothing like resting on a hard piece of bamboo. These pillows are among the most supportive and cushioned products currently available. If you are interested in a brief rundown of what you can expect after purchasing a bamboo pillow, I will include some main points below.

Pros of buying a bamboo pillow:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antimicrobial 
  • Neck and back support
  • Breathable and cool
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Reasonable price
  • Adjustable filling

Cons of buying a bamboo pillow:

Many companies currently produce high-quality bamboo pillows, and not all of the characteristics listed above will apply to every available product. Nevertheless, this is a good start in determining whether such a product will meet your needs.

In the following sections, I will break down each aspect of owning a bamboo pillow to provide more details and help you make an informed decision before selecting your next purchase.

Who Can Benefit the Most From a Bamboo Pillow?

While almost anyone can find something to enjoy about a bamboo pillow, this is a product that works especially well for people who fall into any of a number of categories. For starters, most bamboo pillows are filled with shredded memory foam, which provides ample support and does not tend to lose its shape easily.

Instead, it contours to the shape of your head and cradles your neck so that your spine does not become misaligned. These characteristics are particularly helpful for people who sleep on their backs or sides. Since these pillows are generally fairly thick, the foam inside acts as a way to elevate your head and keep everything where it is supposed to be throughout the night.

Not only does this keep you more comfortable as you sleep to provide a restful and relaxing night, but it will also help ensure that you wake up in the morning without frustrating neck and back pains. 

Another group of people who are especially fond of bamboo pillows includes those who tend to get hot at night. Sleep experts say that the best way to get to sleep and stay asleep is by achieving the right temperature for your body.

The manufacturing process of bamboo pillows can help make that goal a reality. If you have tried memory foam pillows in the past, you might initially think that since bamboo pillows contain memory foam, they will retain heat and actually make you even warmer as you try to go to sleep.

The innovative design of the shredded material, as well as a cooling cover used to finish the pillow, has addressed these concerns, though. In fact, bamboo pillows are among the most breathable in the industry and can allow cool air to flow through the fabric to create a refreshing feeling on your face as you lie down to go to sleep.

Finally, anyone with nagging allergies can find something helpful in the makeup of bamboo pillows. There are a couple of innovative ways that these products accomplish such a helpful goal. First, bamboo is a material that has antimicrobial properties that will naturally reduce the number of germs and bacteria that are found inside the pillow.

This means that such microbes will be unable to survive and make their way into your nose or mouth as you sleep, which could make you sick. Furthermore, the natural elements included in each pillow do a great job of neutralizing allergens of all types.

As a result, those who have respiratory issues, skin sensitivity, and other types of allergic reactions can sleep easily knowing that their pillow is keeping potential triggers at bay.

How Easy Is It to Properly Care for a Bamboo Pillow?

When spending money on a new pillow, it is important to make sure that the investment lasts as long as possible. Therefore, it is helpful to know what you can do to keep your bamboo pillow clean and well maintained for as long as possible.

Fortunately, these products are built to last and do not require too much time and effort to ensure that they remain intact and supportive even after a long period of nightly use.

The steps for washing a bamboo pillow are fairly simple and quite straightforward. These pillows will allow you to remove the filling, and the liner can be washed on a gentle cycle in the washing machine or laundered by hand in the sink.

Be sure not to use especially hot or cold water and allow the pillow to dry in the air so that there will not be any additional risk of ripping the fabric or weakening the stitching. Aside from those parameters, there is not much else to worry about when maintaining a pillow.

Another benefit is that the pillow absorbs moisture and does not harbor potentially harmful microscopic organisms, which makes it less likely to become soiled. For this reason, a bamboo pillow tends to require less maintenance and preventative care than other types of pillows.

As for the foam inside of each pillow, this is one area where it might be a bit trickier to care for a bamboo pillow than some other alternatives. When choosing shredded memory foam, there are many advantages in the way of comfort, support, and shape.

On the other hand, it can get a bit messy when you try to remove it to reshape the pillow or wash the liner. For that reason, be prepared to have a receptacle that is capable of holding all of the foam pieces until it is time to reinsert them into the pillow.

Failure to keep all of the foam could mean that there is not as much support. Furthermore, it could be a hazard to children or pets if they gain access to the material and ingest it. Aside from the responsibility of keeping up with shredded foam, there are only a few other tasks associated with properly caring for and maintaining a bamboo pillow.

What Are Some Other Options You Might Consider?

Although it is clear that a bamboo pillow has plenty going for it, that does not mean that there are no other alternatives that might also suit your needs. Many different materials and fillings can suit a wide array of personal preferences and budgets.

To provide a more balanced approach to pillow shopping, I will review a few of the pros and cons associated with two top competitors.

First, there is a down pillow option. This classic product has been around for generations, meaning it must be comfortable enough for a large portion of the population. While it is not as firm or supportive as a bamboo pillow, it might be a better option for stomach sleepers since it is thinner and allows for less pressure on your spine if you turn your head to one side or the other during the night.

As far as potential drawbacks, the down is naturally insulated, which means that it retains heat and does not provide the cooling comfort of a typical bamboo pillow. Also, there is the possibility that a sharp edge from one of the down feathers could poke through the pillow and cause some irritation or pain while sleeping on it.

Additionally, the soft interior can quickly lose its shape, requiring you to keep fluffing it up during the night or risk ending up in a sunken and uncomfortable position. Finally, it can harbor certain allergens and microbes that might cause it to become a source of sickness if it is not regularly cleaned and properly maintained. 

Another popular option is the standard cotton pillow, which can be found at retailers everywhere. This is one of the most affordable choices available and has a few key benefits in addition to its price point. For starters, it is breathable and stays cool for longer than some other options.

Like the bamboo pillow, it is also hypoallergenic. Additionally, these pillows do not have any odor upon being taken out of the package, which means it is a refreshing place to put your head even on the first night.

As for its disadvantages, the interior filling can become lumpy over time and does little to cradle your head. Furthermore, there is a possibility that these pillows will attract dust mites or mold that can cause allergies and interrupt your ability to get a restful night of sleep. It is important to keep any cotton pillows cleaned regularly to avoid such negative results. 

Related Questions

Are there any health risks or concerns associated with bamboo pillows?

While reputable companies take every precaution to ensure that bamboo pillows are safe for daily use, there could be some issues with pillows that contain a high level of chemicals from the manufacturing process.

It is also worth noting that claims of hypoallergenic properties are not really regulated by the government, so be sure to choose an organic bamboo pillow to get the most benefit from this aspect of the product. 

How much bamboo is in each pillow?

As you can tell upon lying down on a bamboo pillow, it is incredibly soft. It stands to reason, then, that there is not too much actual bamboo in the design of the pillow. Instead, it is only woven into the semi-synthetic fabric that covers the pillow.

This helps ensure that the beneficial qualities of this organic material remain as close to your body as possible so you can get all of the benefits without actually feeling the hardness associated with bamboo. 

Can you adjust the amount of filling to suit your preferences?

One of the biggest positive attributes of a bamboo pillow is that you can modify it to suit a variety of needs. In addition to removing the inner foam before washing the liner, you can take some of the fillings out or add more, depending on how firm or soft you desire your pillow to be.

Since some side and stomach sleepers might find a bamboo pillow too firm or tall for their needs, removing a portion of the shredded foam is easy to create the perfect feeling for optimal rest and relaxation.


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