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My story begins when my high-school best friend told me that her son was diagnosed with autism at age 3.

Since my background is in Project Management, I hadn’t come across anyone with these special needs first hand. Autism? My best friend’s son is autistic?

Well, like most families that were just the beginning of a long and crazy journey for her and she just graduated from her degree and so I felt like this was too much for her.

As he grew, she found it harder and harder to keep him in his crib tent and the jumping up and down was not helping, what was she going to do? I know, I’ll go online, there’s got to be some type of bed on the internet for pre-school kids with ASD, right? RIGHT?

How about a car bed? It sounded like a good idea, but it turned out to be impossible to teach a non-verbal, ASD child to stay and sleep in a toddler bed, and after several nights of screaming, running and climbing all over his room, it was back to the crib tent. Oh yeah, he also figured out the doorknob, what was next, the window latches in our two-story home? HELP!

She had just got a new job which already stressed her out, and being a proud single mom I knew it would be hard for her to ask for help.

We then thought, “Let’s try a camping tent, that should work great.” WRONG again. It took all of thirty minutes for our creative little genius to find his way out of the tent. We needed something and we needed it fast!

I searched Amazon for kid’s bed tents and found some that looked helpful! BUT, things aren’t always that easy! There are major differences between each bed tent and some are awful, making things worse for them.

So we decided to make this site to help other parents and caregivers find the best fit to help their children with special needs. We wanted to help the parents and caregivers find the support they need because watching my friend was so difficult, but I can’t imagine being in her shoes.

We looked into ways of managing stress and getting help from different support groups. Now, two years on, we wanted to put all the valuable information we gathered into one really helpful place, so we started SafeSleepSystems.com for current and future parents out there.

Your child with autism does not have a disease, their brain just works differently to perceive the world around them. It’s up to mothers, fathers, caregivers…people like us to help others understand children living with autism. So the rest of the world can see them the way we see them, beautiful children, that can learn, play, laugh and love and thrive as we do.

Melissa T