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Are Cotton Pillows Hypoallergenic? 💨

You want to make sure that you have pillows that will keep you comfortable. If you’re looking for new bed pillows, it’s important to pick an option that won’t set off your allergies. Are cotton pillows hypoallergenic? Continue reading to learn more about cotton pillows as well as which pillows are good hypoallergenic options. 

What Is a Hypoallergenic Pillow?

If you’ve never heard the term hypoallergenic, you might be a bit confused. Luckily, it’s a simple term that means that something is less allergenic than usual. A pillow that is hypoallergenic should be less likely to cause an allergic reaction. So those who deal with allergy issues will have a better experience when they purchase hypoallergenic pillows. 

Hypoallergenic pillows are recommended for those who suffer from allergy issues. If you have problems with sneezing during the night, it’ll be good to have a pillow that’s less likely to exacerbate things. You should have a simpler time breathing and resting when you have a good hypoallergenic pillow. There are many types of hypoallergenic pillows on the market, but are cotton pillows among them?

Natural Cotton Pillows Are Hypoallergenic

You’ll be glad to hear that natural cotton pillows are considered to be hypoallergenic. This is because natural cotton has antibacterial qualities. It’s good for people who sweat a lot while sleeping since the pillow won’t have as many bacteria issues. People should have fewer issues with sneezing if they use natural cotton pillows. 

It’s also considered to be a good choice for those who have asthma. People with asthma may have breathing issues when certain pillows are exposed to dust mites. Natural cotton pillows are inhospitable to dust mites. This helps to keep those who are the most sensitive safe during the night. 

Natural cotton pillows are very common. These are some of the most popular pillows on the market, and they’re rather comfortable. Many people like purchasing cotton pillows because they’re known to be cool. So they’re also good for people who get a little bit hot when they sleep. 

Are All Cotton Pillows Hypoallergenic?

After learning the information above, you might think that all cotton pillows are hypoallergenic. This isn’t necessarily the case. You see, some cotton pillows aren’t made out of 100% natural cotton. It’s not unusual to see pillows that are made out of a blend of cotton and synthetic materials. 

Some of these cotton blend pillows will not be hypoallergenic. They still might be better than other options, but they aren’t necessarily as good as natural cotton pillows when it comes to preventing allergy issues. So it’s wise to look at what you’re purchasing before moving forward. Try to make sure that you’re buying a pillow that is made out of 100% natural cotton, if possible. 

Wool-Filled Pillows Are Also an Option

It’s notable that wool-filled pillows are also an option when you’re looking for something that’s hypoallergenic. Wool is a popular filling material that’s used in pillows and cushions. This material is hypoallergenic and should work well for your needs. Of course, this won’t be ideal for everyone. 

There are people who have wool allergies. Wool allergies can cause itchiness, runny nose issues, skin irritation, and watering eyes. So you’ll want to steer clear of pillows that contain wool if you have a wool allergy. It’ll be a good option so long as you don’t have a wool allergy, though. 

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Memory Foam Pillows Are Hypoallergenic

You should also know that memory foam pillows are hypoallergenic. These pillows aren’t as environmentally friendly as natural cotton pillows, but they are an option for allergy sufferers. A memory foam pillow can provide a comfortable way to sleep without setting off allergy issues. This will be good for those with allergies as well as people who have asthma. 

The downside to using memory foam is that it isn’t recyclable in any way. Even so, these pillows are common and useful. So it’s worth consideration if you wind up not wanting to go with a natural cotton pillow for some reason. 

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Can People Be Allergic to Cotton?

Yes, it is possible to be allergic to cotton. However, this is a very uncommon allergy. It’s likely that you’ll know you’re allergic to cotton already due to how commonly it’s used in clothing. Cotton allergies are exceedingly rare, but they do exist. If you have a cotton allergy, a cotton pillow will be a poor choice. 

Tips for Dealing With Nighttime Allergy Issues

Dealing with allergies during the night can be very annoying. When you’re trying to sleep at night, it’ll be hard to rest if you’re sneezing or dealing with congestion. There are some things that you can do outside of picking a hypoallergenic pillow. For example, washing your bedding frequently is going to make a difference. 

Make sure that you wash your pillowcases, sheets, and blankets regularly. Dust your bedroomOpens in a new tab. to prevent allergy issues that are related to dust from becoming a big problem. Vacuuming the floor is also something that you should do often. If pet dander is an issue, you might want to keep pets out of your bedroom or at least keep them from getting on your bed. 

Taking certain actions will make it easier to cope with allergies. Medications are helpful when you’re dealing with allergies. Even something as simple as ensuring that there aren’t any plants in your yard that you’re allergic to can make a difference. Try to make good choices, and you should have a simpler time sleeping through the night. 

Final Thoughts

Since cotton pillows are hypoallergenic, they will be great for your bed. If you’re worried about allergy issues, natural cotton pillows will be a good choice. You’ll be less likely to deal with allergy problems when you have a good natural cotton pillow. Of course, you’ll still need to make sure that you clean your bedroom, dust, and wash your bedding often enough. 

While allergy issues can be frustrating, it’s not impossible to deal with them. You can look into medications if buying a hypoallergenic pillow doesn’t make a huge difference. Some people have worse allergy issues than others, but allergy issues are very common. Make sure that you discuss any concerns with your physician and go over what can be done to treat allergies. 


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