Press Release: Acquires was a charity that provided access to various services for caregivers and patients with dementia and related conditions. The website was recently acquired by, which is committed to helping special needs children and adults get better rest using the latest equipment.

What Was was the official website for Crossroads Care in the Vale, which acted as a registered charity. Crossroads Care was established in 1987 to support caregivers who care for adults who have dementia and other cognitive issues.

Crossroads Care was located in the Vale of Glamorgan, which is a county borough in Wales. The charity received funding from the National Lottery Community Fund for several of its projects, including a grant to introduce people with dementia to tablet computers. The goal of the project was to promote social inclusion for patients.

The website also provided caregivers with helpful information, newsletters, and a variety of services. Crossroads Vale also understood the challenges of caring for older individuals suffering from debilitating illnesses. Caregivers may struggle to keep up with their own needs or experience stress due to their responsibilities, which is why Crossroads Vale maintained a list of local support groups and counselors.

Along with supporting caregivers, Crossroads Vale provided services for patients. For example, the charity often helped individuals with dementia find in-home care services, local day centers, and social groups and activities.

What Does Do? was designed as an educational website where parents and caregivers can find helpful advice and resources for caring for special needs children and vulnerable adults.

The website specializes in providing solutions for helping special needs children obtain better sleep. Visitors to the website can explore a wide range of articles that discuss the latest specialist equipment, such as calming bed tents and weighted sensory blankets. The site also contains informative blog posts. 

Recent topics include:

  • Selecting the best hospital beds for home use
  • How to bathe your autistic child
  • Choosing the best toys for children with nonverbal autism
  • How to teach sight words to special needs children
  • Finding the best bed rails for toddlers

Many of the articles are geared toward caring for children with conditions that may impact sleep routine or where sleep habits may affect treatments. Examples include children diagnosed with autism, ASD, ADD/ADHD, down syndrome, epilepsy, and other conditions.

The website also includes articles, product guides, and reviews for caregivers of patients suffering from dementia or incontinence, increasingly common issues for older individuals. Other valuable topics discussed on the website include therapy and yoga for increased health and better sleep. remains dedicated to helping families that are dealing with severe health conditions. The diverse range of articles and reviews on the website makes it a valuable resource for caregivers and parents.

Acquiring was a synergetic move, as both websites are designed to give caregivers access to beneficial resources.

Additionally, has acquired several websites to expand its ability to provide parents and caregivers with valuable information. Other acquisitions include:

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