The Best Autism Bed Tents For Kids 2021 ⛺

An autism bed tent is quite simply a special needs bed enclosure which removes excessive sensory stimuli to help your little one (or a big one!) get to sleep quicker and more comfortably. Children with autism become overwhelmed quickly by open spaces, and it does not matter how small or large their bedroom happens to be.

They will not feel secure in an open bed because they are easily overstimulated and will not sleep comfortably or at all if they are not feeling secure and calm in an exposed bed. An autism bed tent is ideal for any parent or carer who might be struggling to get their child who lives with ASD to sleep at night – and we all understand how important sleep is for children with autism.

Due to the success autism bed tents have in helping a child sleep, there has been a growing trend in the number of different bed tents available for sale, which means more choice, better value for money, and a better customer experience.

SafeSleepSystems also hit the scene a few years ago with our autism bed tent, the Nickel Bed Tent, which had some great success. Finding the right autism-friendly bed tent is vital for several reasons, to keep your child safe and free from harming themselves during sleep, to remove unwanted stimuli from lights and sounds, and to comfort during sleep so that your loved ones can rest well.

The Nickel Bed Tent was initially designed to do just that. With the child at the heart of the design, it was purpose-built to be placed on the floor or strapped to a bed. Easy access through the large zipper designs with a mesh wall design so that the parents and carers can easily see inside—the perfect size for a single or twin size bed, but also great for traveling or vacations.

The Best Autism Bed Tents For Kids 2021 ⛺

Unfortunately, Nickel Bed Tents had to be retired, and the business no longer operates – but there are many other great options on the market. We’ve taken a good look at all the options to provide you with the best autism bed tents for your kids in 2021.

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The Best Autism Bed Tents for Kids

1. Pacific Play Tents – Bed Tent

“Provides comfort, privacy, and safety from excessive stimuli”
Safe Sleep Systems Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pacific Play Tents 19790 Kids Tree House Bed Tent Playhouse - Twin Size
  • Twin bed tent size: 77" X 38" X 35" high, Fun tree house graphics, Can be used on or off the bed
  • Helps transition child from crib to bed, Mesh panels for ample ventilation and allows for easy viewing
  • Fitted outer-skirt secures the tent to the mattress (mattress not included)

Reasons to Buy ✅

  • Highly recommended for children with autism
  • Easy assembly
  • Warm inside
  • Creative designs
  • Easy access
  • Portable/Travel-friendly

Reasons to Avoid ❌

  • Could be taller in height

If you were looking for a Nickel Bed Tent, then this autism bed tent from Pacific Play Tents is the closet version. A very similar ‘tent’ design that’s perfect for a twin (single) bed size that should accommodate for most young children. You can comfortably place a twin size mattress inside and keep the bed tent either on top of a bed or on the floor – it is common for children with autism to prefer to lay on the floor, or even just avoiding a bed frame to mitigate self-harm/breaking the bed.

There’s a big velcro access point to entry and exit, and velcro can be a preferred material as its less likely to cause injury as zips sometimes do. An autistic bed tent like this is a great way to transition from a smaller bed or cot to a “big boy/girl” bed. Not only that, but it can comfortably fit toys to make the inside of the bed tent an excellent play space for adventures. With straightforward assembly, it can be used a travel bed too if you’re planning vacations or staying over at someone’s house – creating the perfect safe space for your loved ones. It’s also very reliable as the fiberglass poles are sturdy but also go through the exterior rather than the interior of the material.

Other designs by Pacific Play Tents:

2. Alvantor Bed Canopy 🌌

“The #1 Best Seller for pop up bed tents”
Safe Sleep Systems Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Alvantor Bed Canopy Tents Dream Privacy Space Twin Size Sleeping Tents Indoor Pop Up Portable Frame...
  • ♥Upgraded 2-in-1 BED TENT Patent Pending construction. Double side-door design for easier access. No collapsed, no bent, no leans off, no unstable, no metal frame and no ripped. Pop up flexible ribs frame make it easiest assembly and lightest sleeping tent on the market, only 5.8 lbs. Used with your existing mattress, need no attached to bed frame, or even used by itself as a privacy tent with floor anywhere. Mattress Not Included!
  • ♥INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Durable pop-up flexible ribs and fiberglass rods help this tent keep it’s shape and stable. High quality pongee fabric is breathable and soft. It is light reducing and allows you to see out, but no one to see in. Zipped doors on both sides allow to open it completely and mesh on the head and foot provide good airflow and wanted light. The whole floor sits under the mattress, NO SLIP! Storage pocket and light hanging loop on top are convenient.
  • ♥EASY SET UP and TAKE DOWN. pop up frame and shock corded poles make it super easy to set up in a minute. Fold down instant and figure 8 into compact portable carrying bag. size 21 x 21 x 2.5 inches and weight 5.8 lbs. The privacy curtain is washable clean and easy to store. When laundry, just unzip the end of arc pole sleeves and pull out the pole. After laundry, insert the poles and zip the pole sleeve.

Reasons to Buy ✅

  • Easy Assemble
  • Private Space
  • Blocks Light
  • Quality Air Flow
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Pockets Inside
  • Lightweight
  • Great Reviews
  • Machine Washable

Reasons to Avoid ❌

  • Limited Colours Available

We’ve recommended the Alvantor bed tent for several different articles purely because it covers all bases. Practical, lots of functionality, great value for money, thoughtful design, and an excellent bed for a special needs child. Out of the box, it’s easy to assemble, a self-bedding system that provides quietness and a great night’s sleep. One main difference from other bed tents is the double-sided door design, which can be left entirely open and allow fresh air and space, as well as closed off entirely, which can keep a child feeling safe and secure, away from danger.

The safety bed not only helps to prevent the treeless user from hiking but also the power to accelerate sleep by reducing visual stimulation and the ability to play or roam. If you suffer from anxiety and are sensitive in sleeping light, then this suite will provide support come playtime, bedtime, and alone time.

The amusing part of this design is that the user inside the tent can see out, but those outsides can’t see in. This can relieve any pressure or anxiety of others nearby and provides a great deal of comfort and privacy. While it looks like a more permanent fixture, and it can be, the autism bed tent can easily be packed away to be moved for travel as it only has three poles required for setup.

3. Privacy Pop Bed Tent

“Privacy isn’t a premium with Privacy Pop”
Safe Sleep Systems Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Privacy Pop Bed Tent (Twin) - Lavender
  • Designed to allow for simple and fast set up and take down
  • Durable style that fits most common beds
  • Innovative zip and mesh sides that offer ventilation for easy breathing and light when you need it

Reasons to Buy ✅

  • Mesh Window for Airflow/Light
  • Fully Foldable Doors
  • Double-Sided Zippers
  • Variety of Colours
  • Minimalistic Design
  • Snug Fit on Mattress

Reasons to Avoid ❌

  • Can get warm inside
  • The slightly higher price point

Privacy Pop is all about seclusion, and their canopy style bed tent does precisely that. Privacy Pop has autism bed tents for both children and adults, but all of their designs are built for twin size beds. If the current sleeping conditions your child is in don’t provide them with privacy, comfort, and an anxiety-free zone, then it can seriously disrupt your sleep and mental health. This is ideal for people with special needs as it quickly creates a fort of comfort and safety during bedtime.

Privacy Pop calls it a ‘privacy oasis,’ and we certainly agree. A neatly designed pod that keeps out everything from light to some noise. The level of seclusion is second to none. If you can afford to pay a little extra than the other autism bed tents we’ve listed, then this is an ideal bed for an autistic child to feel more comfortable sleeping when traveling around or at home.

There are numerous colors to suit. In my experience, this is everything. Some special needs bed enclosures are monotone and don’t have many color options. Privacy Pop’s twin size beds have a wide array of colors and designs.

Privacy Pop Bed Tent (Twin) - Camo
Privacy Pop Bed Tent (Twin) - Camo
Designed to allow for simple and fast set up and take down; Durable style that fits twin beds
Privacy Pop Bed Tent (Twin) - Teal
Privacy Pop Bed Tent (Twin) - Teal
Designed to allow for simple and fast set up and take down; Durable style that fits most common beds
Privacy Pop Bed Tent (Twin) - Pink
Privacy Pop Bed Tent (Twin) - Pink
Designed to allow for simple and fast set up and take down; Durable style that fits twin beds
Privacy Pop Bed Tent (Twin) - Black
Privacy Pop Bed Tent (Twin) - Black
Designed to allow for simple and fast set up and take down; Durable style that fits twin beds

Bonus Bed Tents

Our top 3 bed tents for children with autism have been listed above. Still, we’ve also found that children with autism love fun but calming experience before bedtime, so we’ve included some products that might be an excellent gift for your exceptional person.

Harkla Sensory Swing

“A swinging safe space to wind down and relax”
Safe Sleep Systems Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Harkla swing set for children with autism

Reasons to Buy ✅

  • Comfortable
  • Durable (hold 150lbs)
  • All hardware included
  • Calming effect
  • Money-back guarantee

Reasons to Avoid ❌

  • Only 2 colors

From playing in the park to being cradled in your father’s arms while you sleep, so many children love that enchanting feeling of gently swinging in a tight space—the sensation of safety, security, and coziness that can prompt relaxation and sleep.

If you have a hyperactive child or one that really suffers from sleep disorders, then something that’s both enjoyable for them as well as stress-free for you can be ideal. A pod swing ticks both boxes.

Available from (Use The Code HarklaTake5 For 5% off)

Harkla Hug

“A flocked vinyl peapod ideal for sensory fun for your child”
Safe Sleep Systems Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Best Autism Bed Tents For Kids 2021 ⛺

Reasons to Buy ✅

  • Calming experience for children
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Rocking motion
  • Electric air pump included
  • Lifetime guarantee

Reasons to Avoid ❌

  • Small size only supports 50lbs

This is one of the most original ideas for sensory and calming products for children with autism. This cozy inflatable pod is brilliant for young children to relax and play in.

Not only does it provide a tight ‘hug’ for the child, but the bottom inflates to create a gentle rocking motion to simulate cradling. Perfect addition for any child that is hyperactive is a high or low functioning ASD child or suffers from sleep in general.

Available from (Use The Code HarklaTake5 For 5% off)

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