Bamboo Pillow Vs. Memory Foam ⚖️ Which One Is Better?

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for a variety of reasons, which is why choosing the right pillow is so important. Remaining focused throughout the day, maintaining a healthy body, and enjoying a more positive mood are all easier to do after getting plenty of restorative sleep over the course of a night.

If you are looking for the best pillow for your needs, you might be trying to choose between two of the most popular options on the market: bamboo pillows and memory foam pillows. Both have clear benefits for various types of consumers, but which one is best for you?

Well, I’ve done some research over the past few weeks and I wanted to provide a detailed account of what I found out in hopes that it will help others make the best choice.

Let’s start with the obvious question: Should you purchase a bamboo pillow or a memory foam pillow? Since there are several different sleeping styles and preferences, these two options provide specific advantages depending on your needs. Those who require a firmer level of support and don’t tend to get too warm while in bed are likely to prefer the memory foam pillow. On the other hand, side and back sleepers interested in a cooler and plusher pillow might opt for the bamboo pillow.

This is just a broad overview of the qualities and characteristics of each type of pillow, though. In reality, there are many distinctions and variables that will allow any consumer to make a highly informed decision about which product will help them get the best sleep possible.

In addition to obvious factors such as support and shape, there are things to think about that you might not have even considered before buying pillows in the past.

For that reason, I think you’ll benefit from learning about all of the benefits – and even a few of the potential disadvantages – that will come along with buying either a bamboo pillow or a memory foam pillow.

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Deciding Between Two Compelling Options

Even though there is no perfect pillow that will suit the desires and requirements of all people, these two products offer a wide range of intriguing properties that will make both of them appear quite attractive to individuals across the board.

Despite some similarities between them, bamboo pillows and memory foam pillows have a number of distinct differences. To get a basic idea of what distinguishes them from each other, let’s take a look at the primary features of each one.

Some of the most prominent benefits of bamboo pillows include:

  • A cooler feeling
  • Allergy assistance
  • Reduced odor
  • Ecologically friendly

The main benefits found in memory foam pillows include: 

  • Somewhat lower cost
  • Contoured comfort
  • Softer texture
  • Wide-ranging designs

A number of other factors, including the quality of the manufacturer and the type of materials used in the creation of each pillow, can have a big impact on the overall feel of each product.

Nevertheless, the features listed above can provide a basic understanding of why a consumer might pick one option over the other. It’s still probably not entirely clear which one is right for you, though, so let’s continue looking a bit deeper into the pros and cons of both options. 

For starters, both of these pillows are typically stuffed with memory foam, but the filling is created in very different ways.

A memory foam pillow is constructed out of one complete piece of contoured foam, which provides plenty of support and can be crafted to fit the head and neck contours of people depending on the way they tend to sleep each night.

Finding the right shape and size is easy once you figure out the primary way you like to lie in bed when falling asleep. On the other hand, a bamboo pillow generally contains shredded foam, which is easier to mold and shape into a comfortable position and doesn’t have to stay in one shape.

This might be a better option if you sleep in different positions throughout the night and could result in less tossing and turning in bed. 

Aside from the obvious differences in their appearance and shapes, there are some fundamental distinctions that anyone in the market for a new pillow should seriously consider. I’ll get into a few of the most important factors in the sections below.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend on A Pillow?

The old adage advises consumers that they generally get what they pay for – and that is typically the truth when shopping for pillows. Nevertheless, there are some great deals to be found when shopping for either memory foam or a bamboo pillow.

In general terms, a memory foam pillow is less expensive on average than its bamboo-infused counterpart. This is because it takes less effort and materials to produce a memory foam pillow since a bamboo pillow includes the addition of infused charcoal and special shredded foam instead of a single piece of filling inside. 

Of course, the true value of a pillow lies in how well it is constructed and how long it will last with proper care and maintenance. Therefore, it is not a good idea to simply choose the least expensive product available and hope for the best.

One clear disadvantage of purchasing a cheap pillow in either style is that inexpensive memory foam can result in a serious odor upon taking it out of the packaging. This is because of the chemicals used to create the unique feeling of the foam, but the best manufacturers are able to remove most or all of this objectionable smell.

If you’re motivated to find a pillow with the least odor possible, it’s probably best to go with the bamboo pillow. Not only does the single piece of foam found in memory foam pillows tend to concentrate more of the odor in one place, but the infused charcoal in a bamboo pillow also offsets any residual scent that might otherwise make its way through to your nose during the night. 

Another factor to think about when deciding how much to spend on a pillow involves what it will take to maintain each pillow for as long as possible. It is relatively easy to remove the foam from each product and wash the exterior to prevent stains or other issues that might shorten its life.

Although there might be a few more steps involved when determining how to wash bamboo pillows, the process is straightforward and simple. Additionally, bamboo pillows are naturally antimicrobial, which means that they tend to remain clean and resistant to mold or other problems for longer than other types of pillows.

This longevity is clearly a reason to consider bamboo pillows even if they might cost a bit more. A high-quality bamboo pillow is likely to have a price tag of between $50 and $150 while memory foam pillows can start a bit lower. 

Do You Tend to Be Hot or Cold When You Go to Bed?

It is virtually impossible to get comfortable enough to go to sleep when it is either too hot or too cold in the bedroom. Depending on variables such as your body chemistry, the amount of insulation in your home, and the surrounding climate, it’s likely that you tend to be either warm or cool at bedtime.

Finding the right pillow can help regulate the temperature and make it much more comfortable when you lie down to get some sleep.

Since memory foam retains heat, it is common for pillows filled with such material to be warmer than alternative types of pillows. A memory foam pillow, however, is far more likely to keep you warm during the night. There are two main reasons that a bamboo pillow offers a cooler experience.

First, since the foam is shredded, the design allows more air to move in between the pieces and develops a cool flow that can permeate your head throughout the night.

Secondly, the presence of bamboo-infused charcoal provides a barrier between the insulated foam and the exterior of the pillow. Combine those factors with the presence of a more aerated cover that can allow a burst of cool air from inside and a well-crafted bamboo pillow can be one of the coolest options on the market despite the presence of otherwise warm foam just inches away from your face. 

Sleep experts indicate that it is generally easier for people to get the proper amount of restful slumber when they maintain an appropriate body temperature.

Although changing the thermostat, purchasing a fan, and investing in special sheets or a mattress can go a long way toward achieving this goal, one of the most effective and efficient ways of regulating your comfort level can involve choosing the best pillow.

Whether you are frequently warm or cool at bedtime, it is possible to offset your natural proclivity by sleeping on the right pillow for the job.

Do You Want the Option of Adjusting Your Pillow?

Some people can find a pillow that is shaped perfectly to deliver all the support and comfort they will need on a regular basis. On the other hand, many individuals prefer to have the option to fluff and reshape a pillow to enhance various positions while in bed.

Unlike softer and plusher products such as a down or cotton pillow, those filled with memory foam tend to retain their shape more rigorously. Once again, though, there is a clear difference between how memory foam pillows and bamboo pillows react to regular use.

When choosing a memory foam pillow, it is important to consider the design and shape to ensure that it will cradle your neck and promote proper spine alignment throughout the night.

For those who have a particular sleeping style, it is easy to anticipate what type of contours will be necessary to offer such support. If you decide to shop for a bamboo pillow, however, you will find that the pieces of memory foam inside can fit together and create a range of supportive shapes that can be modified to provide comfort regardless of how you happen to be sleeping.

This is not only a possible benefit if you enjoy going to sleep in different positions, but it makes this a compelling option for trips and other times when you might need a pillow for support and cushioning for reasons other than sleeping in your bed. 

It is worth noting that bamboo pillows are also easier to adjust permanently. The way to accomplish this objective is by determining whether you want a thinner and softer pillow or a thicker and more supportive design.

By removing or adding shredded memory foam to the pillow, it is possible to create a customized shape that will make it an even better option for consumers regardless of their individual needs and sleep preferences. 

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Related Questions

Are there any health benefits to consider?

Aside from the clear advantages associated with getting the proper amount of sleep, people who suffer from allergies can find some relief with a bamboo pillow. The natural qualities found in its design act as a hypoallergenic barrier that can keep mold, dust, and other allergy triggers at bay throughout the night. 

What is the environmental impact of each option?

Many people are concerned about the way that the construction of their pillows might affect the environment, so it is worth considering the way each option is made. Although there are chemicals involved in the process of creating memory foam, the fabric used in bamboo pillows can be constructed mechanically, which can reduce the number of pollutants created.

Where should you shop for great pillows?

It is easier than ever to choose a manufacturer and retailer with a reputation for providing excellent quality. Starting with a search online for top reviews is one way to start the process, although bamboo pillows and memory foam pillows alike are readily available at department stores and specialty shops in almost every community.


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