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If you’re looking for a furniture piece to spruce up your bedroom, then the USA is home to some of the world’s best manufacturers. From luxurious beds and dressers made from premium materials or simple desks with modern designs that’ll meet any need, there are plenty of options available in this country alone. But before purchasing anything domestically produced, it’s important to be mindful not only about what type of bed you want but also how much space will actually fit into your room as well!

The United States has several quality furniture manufacturers at its disposal when one needs new furnishings for their bedroom suite. Whether going with more traditional pieces like lavish king-size mattresses and matching dresser sets handcrafted by skilled craftsmen using top-notch wood.

How To Choose The Best Furniture For Your Bedroom

Choosing the best furniture for your bedroom can feel like a daunting task. Not only should the furniture meet your taste, but it should also be within your budget and feel comfortable. Thus here are some ideas to help you choose the best furnitureOpens in a new tab. for your bedroom:

Decoration Style

A good place to start is the decoration style you choose for your bedroom. No matter which style you pick, there are bound to be beautiful pieces of furniture for you to choose from. Selecting a definite style will help you decide on the final look of your bedroom.

Would you prefer a modern, minimal look? Or a comfortable casual look? No matter which you pick, keep in mind that your bedroom will maintain that look for a while, and it will be expensive to alter the appearance of your bedroom. So make sure you choose a style that is both comfortable and also meets your taste.

Keep The Size Of The Room In Mind

Maintaining proper furniture to bedroom space ratioOpens in a new tab. is very important for the overall look of your living space. Too big furniture may make your room look suffocating and cluttered, and too small furniture compared to your room will make your home look cold and barren. 

Try maintaining a gap of 24 inches around your bed and at least half a foot of distance between your closet and the bed. If you feel like there is still too much space remaining, try adding more furniture!

Invest In The Essentials

While this may seem like an easy question, the answer to it may not be all that simple if you think about it. Do you need a complete bed set complete with dressers and a nightstand, or do you need a new bed with a headrest?

If you are replacing furniture, consider if you need any new additions or more free space. Adding additional storage in the form of bedside stands may also bear fruit!

Will Other Furniture Improve Your Bedroom?

The primary purpose of your bedroom is to provide you a comfortable place to sleep in. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the only purpose of a bedroom. You would be surprised by how small and careful additions to your bedroom can change your experience.

You can consider small seating arrangements for when you are not in bed or even a storage ottoman bench at the foot of the bed when you need to put on shoes in the morning.

Quality Is Important!

Budget is always an important part of the shopping experience. However, your bedroom furniture is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to replaceOpens in a new tab.. Therefore it is best to invest a little more into durable and quality products that will last you a long time.

When you invest in cheap furniture, it is usually visible in the quality of the materials and durability. Your bedroom is your personal space and is a reflection of your taste. Therefore making it look cheap will not only hamper your stay in the bedroom but also put off other guests who will question your taste.

Match Your Color Scheme

Picking a color scheme for your bedroom is a lot more than just matching the colors of all your furniture and painting everything in your favorite paint. The color scheme of your bedroom is very important in determining the look and feel of your bedroom.

Light shades will make your room feel spacy, while darker and richer colors will make your room feel cozier. This is why blues, greens, and greys are very popular in home decoration. If you want a modern, minimal look, consider going with neutral colors and tones, and if you want a casual/chic look, pastels are a good choice.

Choosing furniture for your bedroom is a very intimidating task. Therefore, here are some of the best and most commonly used furniture for you to choose from for your bedroom. This will help you get started on your bedroom decoration journey.

Best Bedroom Furniture Makers In The USA

StickleyExcellent ExcellentHigh
La-Z-BoyGreatGreatAbove Average
England FurnitureGreatExcellentAbove Average
*: These ratings represent Team SafeSleep’s opinions and are not objective fact. Please verify our research with your own experiences.

Here is a list of some of the most popular and highest quality furniture manufacturersOpens in a new tab. in the US:

StickleyOpens in a new tab.

They are one of the best-known furniture manufacturers in the USA. With a legacy dating back 120 years, they are easily one of the most well-known and universally loved brands in all of the USA. This brand is best known for high-end wooden furniture and upholstery. They also played a significant role in the overall development of the American Craftsman decor style. 

Quality: Excellent

Stickley offers some of the finest quality furniture available in the entire country! With a motto based on an old Flemish craftsman’s phrase meaning “To the best of my ability,” every piece the company makes is made with honor and care, and it is reflected in their quality. Their furniture often lasts for decades and can also end up as collectible antiques in the long run. 

Design: Excellent

More than 90% of this furniture is still manufactured by craftsmen from New York and North Carolina. Stickley furniture boasts an honest and robust construction that is very well capable of standing the test of time. Their furniture is often overbuilt with features such as Mortise and Tenon Joinery, Splining, Dovetailed Cross Rails, tongue, groove glue joints, pinned chair joints, ship lap planking, bracket foot construction, quadrilinear posts, etc., that add years to the furniture’s lifespan.

Price: High

With the quality and legacy that Stickley has to offer, it also demands a high price tag. The best craftsmen make their furniture with the highest quality materials. And therefore, not only do these pieces of furniture take a long time to be built, but they also have a very high production cost. Again, being a premium brand, Stickley furniture naturally boasts a greater price compared to other manufacturers in the market.

La-Z-BoyOpens in a new tab.

This brand is responsible for the famous recliner chair that adorns thousands of homes today. This brand had its inception in 1927 when cousins Edwin Shoemaker and Edward Knabusch designed the first-ever reclining wood-slat chair. They would later go on to form the La-Z-Boy brand. Today they manufacture more than just recliners, dabbling into modern, high-quality furniture with great craftsmanship and respect towards the American heritage.

Quality: Great

While not as great as Stickley’s, the furniture made by La-Z-Boy still boasts quality that is greater than the industry standards. They have a legacy of almost 100 years and continue to manufacture some of the most durable furniture in the country! You will not be disappointed by this company.

Design: Great

This brand is primarily responsible for inventing recliners, and thus, this is what they are best known for. However, innovation is in the DNA of this brand, and they often come up with a new and refreshing take on pre-existing furniture that is sure to impress most people! They manufacture a wide range of furniture for various purposes, such as the living room, bedroom, outdoor furniture, kitchen, and even the dining room.

Price: Above-Average

While the prices of the furniture sold by this company are higher than the industry standards, the products themselves are of excellent value. La-Z-Boy products have excellent quality, durability, and beautiful modern designs. Therefore, while they may seem a little more expensive to start, they will last you a long time and make up for their overall cost over time with you won’t have to replace them like you will have to do with cheaper furniture.

Vaughan-BassettOpens in a new tab.

Vaughan-Bassett is the largest manufacturer of bedroom sets in the USA. They have companies based in Galax, Virginia, and Elkin, North Carolina, employing over 700 people. All of the manufacturing for this company is based in the US, making it more American than most companies on this list. 

Quality: Great

Vaughan-Bassett is one of the best manufacturers of bedroom sets in the country. 99% of the wood used in manufacturing their furniture is sourced from within 200 miles radius of the factory. They use high-quality wood to manufacture durable furniture. However, customers complain that their quality has been dwindling over the recent years. So that too is a point to be noted. But my suggestion will be to check their products in-store before making any decision on it.

Design: Good/Great

Since this company is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the US, its design quality certainly varies from furniture to furniture. While none of their furniture is truly atrocious to look at, some of them may be less than appealing while others may look world-class. Their sofas are still considered some of the best-designed furniture out there, while other aspects of their manufacturing are not as well-liked.

Price: High

Unlike other manufacturers in this list, this brand is not always worth the price. While some of their furniture is well built and beautiful, not all of them are deserving of their high price tag. The durability situation of their products varies from product to product, and they do not have a high resale value like Stickley products do. That is why it is not recommended to buy their products blindly. Make sure you look up the product you are buying before parting with your hard-earned cash.

England FurnitureOpens in a new tab.

England furniture was established in 1964 by brothers Charles, Eugene, and Dwight England. Their company’s goal was to produce high-quality furniture in as small of a production cycle as possible. Today they produce sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and accent chairs that compliment your rooms beautifully and help you customize your home to your liking.

Quality: Great

England furniture has a track record of delivering excellent furniture and delivering them on time. Their products are made out of durable fabric and leather accompanied by some of the best quality wood out there. Furniture made by this company would often last you a lifetime, and you would never have to worry about replacing them. 

Their manufacturing team consists of skilled Tennessee craftsmen and craftswomen who work tirelessly and with care to ensure every customer has a terrific experience and always receives their products on time.

Design: Excellent

With over 500 fabrics and leather as an option, the customers of England Furniture are free to customize their furniture however they want. They produce over 350,000 quality pieces of furniture every year. Their furniture is beautiful and widely customizable, so anyone will be able to find at least something that will meet their needs. 

England Furniture allows you to create matching room sets that even allow you to match specific patterns and designs for all your furniture and accent pieces. Therefore, products from this brand have unlimited potential when it comes to personalization.

If you are someone who loves to customize the look and feel of every piece of furniture in your room, you should give England Furniture a try.

Price: Above Average

England Furniture is the best “Bang for the buck” furniture on this list. While their furniture is not necessarily super budget-friendly, they are worth the quality and craftsmanship! England Furniture has expert crafters and designers creating high-quality, customizable furniture that is almost always delivered on time.


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