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How To Paint Bedroom Furniture 🎨 [With 4 Ideas]

A bedroom’s personality and comfort are defined by the style of furniture that you choose. You want to be sure your new purchase matches what makes you happy while also improving the overall look of your space. There are various materials in which these pieces can be made – from wood to metal; there’s something for every budget and preference when it comes time to make design decisions!

The best way to give your old furniture a fresh new look is by painting it. It’s easy and straightforward; all you need are the right materials and some time on hand! If you’re looking for an alternative shade of paint that won’t cost much money or require extensive knowledge about how to do this yourself, these four ideas might come in handy. The choice depends on what material your bedroom furniture is madeOpens in a new tab. out of – wood, metal, or plastic.

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How To Paint Your Wooden Bedroom Furniture?

Wooden furniture is the most commonly used bedroom furniture. Wooden furniture is surely the best for decorations, and it brings a different level of comfort with itself. It compliments everything and improves the bedroom environment. Painting wooden furniture requires care and knowledge of what you are doing. There are two ways you can paint your wooden furniture. I will show you both the ways so you can choose how to paint your wooden furniture.

Painting Wooden Bedroom Furniture With Sanding 

Painting wooden furniture with sandingOpens in a new tab. is the most efficient way to give your furniture a new look. It is the preferred way for professionals and is commonly done all around the world. To do this at home by yourself, you will need good knowledge about everything beforehand and follow the steps carefully. I will guide you with the required steps.

Step-1: Gathering the required materials 

The first step would be to find the right materials for your paint job. Since you are doing it yourself, you should use the best available materials to complete the task properly. A list of required materials are given below:

  1. Oil Soap (Murphy’s Oil Soap is recommended)
  2. Medium Grit Sandpaper (3M SandPaperOpens in a new tab. is recommended)
  3. Fine Grit Sandpaper (Miady’s 120 To 3000 Assorted Grit Sandpaper is recommended)
  4. Paint (Latex Paint is recommended)
  5. Paint Brush
  6. Primer (Rust-Oleum Latex Spray PrimerOpens in a new tab. is recommended)
  7. Tack Cloth (Trimaco Tack ClothOpens in a new tab. is recommended)
  8. Foam Roller
  9. Topcoat (Minwax Finishing WaxOpens in a new tab. is recommended)

Step-2: Cleaning The Furniture

As you have gathered all the items you need, now the real work starts. First, take your furniture to an open and ventilated space. Now place a dry cloth on the floor so the color doesn’t spill on the floor. Now, you clean the furniture properly, so no dust particle stays on the surface. Use the oil soap and clean from top to bottom properly. If your furniture has drawers, remove them and clean them separately. Then let it dry properly.

Step-3: Sanding your furniture 

Now it’s time to sand your furniture. Use the medium grit sandpaper and sand the surface and every corner of the furniture to take off the glossy paint from before. You need to remove the previous finish totally so you can paint the surface easily without any problems. Just taking off the finishing will do the job well; you don’t have to strip down to the wood. 

Step-4: Priming your furniture 

After you are done sanding your furniture, it’s time to prime it. I suggested a spray primer because it’s less time-consuming, and you don’t have to put a lot of effort. It will require a 2-3 coating of primer spray. Make sure to prime every corner and surface of the furniture. It will help you to paint the furniture properly.

Step-5: Sanding your furniture again

After drying the primer, it’s time to sand your furniture again. Use finer grit sandpaper to finish the furniture properly and cleaning off the paint dust with a tack cloth. 

Step-6: Painting The Furniture 

At last, it is the main event. For painting the furniture, use latex-based paint and give it a glossier finish. The glossier finish is recommended because it’s more smooth than other finishes and is less likely to get dirty. It is also easier to clean. It is recommended to sand after finishing each coat. It is best to coat it 2-3 times, and you must sand in between them to give it a smooth finish. 

Step-7: Protecting the paint 

Now that you are done painting, you have to let it dry. If you are looking to give it a wax finishing, then let it dry for 24 hours. If you are not looking to give it a wax finishing, let it dry for 30 days at least. Make sure to cover the furniture and keep it away from dust.

If you are using wax finish, use the wax and place it on the furniture’s surface using a dry clean cloth. Give it 10-15 minutes. Then keep wiping with a clean cloth till you get the desired finish on your furniture. Then let the wax rest for at least two days before you start using the furniture. 

Painting Wooden Bedroom Furniture Without Sanding

Sanding is one of the most difficult components of painting furniture. It requires a lot of time and also a great amount of physical effort. So is it possible to skip this step? It surely is. There are ways you can paint your furniture without needing to sand itOpens in a new tab.. But it surely is not going to give you a smoother surface than sanding. I am going to use a water-based deglosser to roughen the surface.

Step-1: Gathering the required material

It is the best option to gather the materials beforehand to easily do your work without making trips to the shop. So for painting your wooden furniture without sanding, here is a list of required materials.

  1. Water-Based Deglosser (Krud KutterOpens in a new tab. is recommended)
  2. Oil Soap (Murphy’s Oil Soap is recommended)
  3. Paint (Latex Paint is recommended)
  4. Paint Brush
  5. Primer (Rust-Oleum Latex Spray PrimerOpens in a new tab. is recommended)
  6. Tack Cloth (Trimaco Tack ClothOpens in a new tab. is recommended)
  7. Foam Roller
  8. Topcoat (Minwax Finishing WaxOpens in a new tab. is recommended)

Step-2: Cleaning your furniture 

Take your furniture to an open space with a lot of air ventilation. Place it on a dry cloth to protect the floor. Now use oil soap to clean all the dust and dirt off the furniture. Any dust or dirt will ruin the paint job for the furniture, so you have to be mindful of it. Then let the furniture dry properly.

Step-3: Using Deglosser

As we have chosen not to sand the surface, it’s time to use a deglosser. Many chemical deglossers can do the job, but it is very unhealthy and requires many safety measurements. At the same time, water-based deglosser like Krud Kutter is safer to use and can easily brush the finishing off. So apply the deglosser and rub the surface with a dry cloth till you take off the glossy finish.

Step 4: Prime Your Furniture 

After you are done deglossing, it’s time to prime the furniture. Use the recommended spray primer and coat it 2-3 times for getting the best result. Better priming will yield a better paint job, so you must prime the furniture properly.

Step-5: Painting The furniture 

After priming now, it is time to paint the furniture. I prefer latex-based paint with a glossier finish. Make sure to coat it 2-3 times to get a better finish. The glossier the finish, the easier it will be to maintain properly.

Step-6: Letting The Paint Dry And Protecting

Let the paint dry off for 24 hours before you put a wax finish on it. If you don’t want to give it a wax finish, let it dry off for 30 days to get a finer result. For a wax finishing, apply the wax on the furniture, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, and then rub it into a dry cloth till you get your desired result. Let it rest for two days before using.

How To Paint Your Metal Bedroom Furniture?

Metal furniture is not that uncommon for bedrooms. A lot of people use metal furniture as it is cheaper and saves a lot of money. Metal furniture is sturdy and can last a long time if they are taken care of. A paint job can make it seem like new furniture in no time. If you use metal furniture in your bedroom, follow the following steps to paint your metal furnitureOpens in a new tab..

Step-1: Gather Required Material

For painting your metal furniture, the required items are listed below:

  1. Soap Cleaner (Oxy SolveOpens in a new tab. is recommended)
  2. Low Grit Sandpaper (3M Aluminum Oxide SandpaperOpens in a new tab. is recommended)
  3. Primer (Rust-Oleum Metal PrimerOpens in a new tab. is recommended)
  4. Brush
  5. Topcoat ( Rust-Oleum Metal FinishOpens in a new tab. is recommended)
  6. Oil Based Paint

Step-2: Clean The Furniture 

First, move the furniture to an open and air circulated space. Spread a sheet under the furniture so the paint doesn’t ruin the floor. You have to clean the furniture off all the dirt and dust. Make sure to clean every corner properly with soap, then dry off the furniture.

Step-3: Sand The Furniture 

After letting it dry, it’s time to sand it off. For this, you will use low grit sandpaper and take the finishing off from the furniture. You will also remove the rust on the furniture with sandpaper.

Step-4: Prime The Furniture 

After cleaning off the furniture with a dry cloth, it is time to prime the furniture. You will use an oil-based primer for this and will apply the primer 2-3 times. It is important to sand after each coating. So keep sanding till the primer is smooth.

Step-5: Paint The Furniture

Now after the primer is applied, it’s time to paint the furniture. You will use oil-based paint on the furniture and coat it as many times as needed to get the best polish. Use a brush and try to make the finishing glossier.

Step-6: Protect The Furniture 

After drying off the paint, you need to put a metal finish to make the color more sturdy and protective from rusting. Apply the oil finish and let it dry for 3-4 days before using it again.

How To Paint Your Bedroom Plastic Furniture?

Plastic furniture is becoming trendy recently as they are cheap and easily attainable. Most of this furniture is made from recycled plastic, so people consider it great for the environment. This furniture is safe and sturdy. So if you are looking to paint your plastic furniture, follow the steps given below:

Step-1: Gather Required Material

The materials required to paint your plastic furniture is given below:

  1. Fine Grit Sandpaper (Miady’s Sandpaper is recommended)
  2. Soap (Oxy SolveOpens in a new tab. is recommended)
  3. Primer and Paint (Krylon Paint+PrimerOpens in a new tab. is recommended)

Step-2: Cleaning The Furniture

Take the furniture to an open and well-ventilated space and place protection below so the paint won’t ruin the floor. Now clean the furniture with soap till all the dirt is clean.

Step-3: Sand The Furniture

After drying the furniture with a cloth, sand the surface with fine-grit sandpaper till the surface is smooth and is ready for primer. If the furniture is relatively new or is smooth, you might not require this step.

Step-4: Priming and Painting The Furniture

For this, we will use a primer+paint spray to save time and get the work done easily. Spray the paint all over the furniture till you get the desired color. Then let the furniture dry off for 2-3 days before you start arranging them for your bedroomOpens in a new tab..


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