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Can You Use OxiClean On Pillows? 🧼

OxiClean is a powerful stain-removing product that can easily brighten dirty bedding and clothes, but can you use OxiClean on pillows?

Pillows can become dirty quickly. We spend all night with our faces and hair on the pillowcase, which exposes the fabric to saliva, body oil, and dead skin cells. You may eventually notice that your pillows smell funky or look darker. White pillows may gradually become yellow from sweat and saliva.

Without frequent cleaning, pillows can also become a breeding ground for fungus, bacteria, and pests. After two years, an unwashed pillow accumulates up to one-third of its weight in dust mitesOpens in a new tab. and bugs.

Luckily, you can use OxiClean on pillows. The popular stain remover should easily lift stains and leave your pillows looking new. Yet, there are a few special considerations before washing your pillows. Here is a quick guide to using OxiClean for cleaner pillows.

How Do You Wash Pillows with OxiClean?

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Washing pillows with OxiClean is not too different from washing the rest of your bedding. OxiClean powder is added after adding detergent to a washing machine or tub.

Use the following steps to ensure that you get the best results:

  • Read the label on the pillow
  • Select the right OxiClean product
  • Pretreat the pillow to get rid of stains
  • Wash the pillow with OxiClean
  • Allow the pillow to dry completely

You should first check the label on the pillow or pillowcase. Most pillows include a label that lists the material and washing instructions. Silk, wool, and certain delicate cotton blends may require hand washing. Washing a delicate fabric in a machine may cause unnecessary wear or discoloration.

You should also examine the condition of the pillow to select the right type of OxiClean product. While you can use the original OxiClean to freshen almost any pillow, the manufacturer also makes a wide range of OxiClean productsOpens in a new tab.. For example, you can use OxiClean Odor Blasters to deal with lingering odors or OxiClean White Revive to restore white pillows to their brightest condition.

If you have not washed your pillows in the past year or notice stubborn stains, pretreat the pillow. Otherwise, you can simply wash the pillow according to the instructions on the label with an added scoop of OxiClean.

Wash your pillows at least every six monthsOpens in a new tab. to protect against dust mites and keep your pillows fresh. You may want to wash your pillows more frequently if you suffer from allergies or perspire heavily when you sleep.

How to Pretreat a Pillow with OxiClean

Pretreating a pillow with OxiClean helps remove more odors and stains. OxiClean recommends filling the scoop to the second lineOpens in a new tab. for every four gallons of water. You may need to use a plastic tote or bathtub to ensure you have enough space for the pillows. NOTE: If you lost the scoop that comes with the OxiClean powder, the second line equals a quarter cup of powder.

If your pillows have covers, remove the covers and place everything in the tub with the water and OxiClean. Allow the pillows to soak for one to six hours. Severely stained or discolored pillows should be allowed to soak for closer to six hours. After soaking the pillows, use one of the following two methods to wash and dry the pillows.

Tips for Hand Washing Pillows with OxiClean

The steps needed for cleaning pillows with OxiClean depend on the material and type of pillow. Throw pillows with non-removable shells may include delicate designs or stitching that may come undone in a washing machine.

If your pillow has delicate fabrics or the label recommends hand washing, follow these steps to wash it with OxiClean:

  • Fill a tub with water
  • Add detergent and OxiClean
  • Allow the pillow to soak
  • Drain and refill the tub
  • Rinse the pillow
  • Allow the pillow to dry

Start by filling a bathtub or large plastic tote with water. A sink may not offer enough space to wash a pillow.

You can use regular laundry detergent or one of the OxiClean detergents. Using an OxiClean laundry detergent eliminates the need for using the powder. If you use regular laundry detergent, add a scoop of OxiClean powder after mixing the detergent into the water.

Place your pillows in the tub and allow them to soak for at least an hour. After letting the pillows soak, agitate the water and pillows to help loosen dirt and debris. You can use a clean spatula or your hands to stir the water. If you use your hands, consider wearing rubber gloves. OxiClean is made with baking powder and hydrogen peroxide. Some people may experience mild skin irritation when submerging their hands.

After washing the pillows, drain the tub and refill with fresh water. Rinse the pillows. Dry the pillows in a dryer on a gentle cycle. Some dryers also include an “air dry” setting. You may need to run the dryer more than once to dry the pillows fully. Allow the pillows to completely dry before adding a cover and placing it back on your bed.

Machine Washing Pillows with Oxiclean

Machine washing is the most convenient way to wash pillows with OxiClean. You save time and may get better results compared to washing by hand. When using a washing machine, you simply add a scoop of OxiClean powder to the drum after pouring in the detergent.

If the pillow has bright colors, the manufacturer may recommend using cool water. If the pillows are white or lightly colored, use warm water for a more thorough cleaning.

Do not overload your washing machine. If you also plan on washing your bedding, wash the pillows separately. Stuffing everything into the washer may keep it from working correctly. After the wash cycle, toss the pillows into the dryer. Remember to let the pillows dry entirely before using them.

Is OxiClean Safe for All Fabrics?

OxiClean is safe to use with almost all fabrics. However, the manufacturer recommends that you avoid using it on:

  • Wool and wool blends
  • Silk and silk blends
  • Leather
  • Dry-clean-only fabrics

Most pillows are made with a polyester fill material or memory foam. OxiClean will not damage the stuffing. Yet, it may harm the cover or shell if it’s made with one of the fabrics listed above. If you are worried about OxiClean bleaching the color from a delicate pillow, perform a test spot. Use a rag to wash a small area using a dab of OxiClean.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using OxiClean on Pillows

Along with the tips discussed, there are a few common mistakes that you want to avoid. The first mistake is storing OxiClean in a spray bottle.

The powder form of OxiClean can be mixed with water and added to a spray bottle for spot cleaning. However, the mixture should only be stored for up to six hours. Pressure builds in the bottle, which could cause it to rupture.

Do not use OxiClean with any chemicals or products other than laundry detergent. The powder should also be added to the water instead of mixed directly with the detergent. Certain products may cause a dangerous chemical reaction when mixed with OxiClean.

Always rinse pillows and other bedding that you soak in OxiClean. If you pretreat the pillows in a tub with OxiClean, you need to rinse them afterward to remove the chemicals.

You now know how to use OxiClean to wash your pillows and get rid of stains. However, there are still a few considerations and tips for preserving your pillows. Check out our article on how to wash a pillow for more pillow-washing advice. Learn how to wash any type of pillow so you can enjoy better rest without exposure to dirt, bacteria, or dust mites.


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