Can You Use Febreze On Pillows? 🌸

Oh, the joy of housework. Though many of us may feel pretty confident with most aspects of cleaning, there are times when even the most experienced of us get stumped. For me, it was the question of my pillows. 

Cleaning pillowcases is as easy as throwing them in the wash, but how do we clean the actual pillows? This is where I stumbled on an idea. Febreze is great for so many cleaning solutions. But can you use Febreze on pillows?

Febreze is a fabric freshener that can be used on most fabrics. It can be used on pillows; however, it does not remove the dirt. Febreze should not be used as a cleaning product but rather to refresh the item by eliminating odors until washed.

Although Febreze is advertised as safe to use on most materials, there are a few things you should know before making it your go-to cleaning solution. Let’s look at some facts and information about Febreze and other methods of cleaning pillows.

What Is Febreze?

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Febreze is a fabric spray that is used to eradicate bad smells until the item can be washed. It was introduced to the public in 1996 and had, over the years, grown substantially. You can now purchase a type of Febreze to suit your needs, from heavily scented to entirely scent-free.

Febreze is safe for use on most fabrics; however, it is not advisable to use it on delicate materials that may be sensitive to droplets of moisture.  The fabric freshener is available in a spray bottle that produces a light mist when activated. The mist of Febreze settles on your item and allows the freshener to get to work, eliminating the odors.

Febreze has been certified non-toxic and safe for use in the home.

How Does Febreze Work?

Febreze does not clean away the molecules of dirt that cause bad odors on your pillows and other items. It uses an ingenious way to trap them until the item can be efficiently washed.

The ingredient responsible for the great results in odor-reduction is beta-cyclodextrin. Beta-cyclodextrin is a type of sugar that is formed in some starches, like corn and sweet potato. It works in an odor-busting partnership with water.  

First, the water gets to work on the dirt, causing the odor. The dirt molecules begin to dissolve. It’s then that the beta-cyclodextrin takes the opportunity to surround the odor molecules and locks the stink away. 

This great odor-busting duo forms part of a much larger team within the Febreze force. A long list of ingredients works together to trap the odors and give your item that fresh, clean smell.

Can You Use Febreze On Pillows?

The short answer is yes. You can use Febreze on pillows.  

The longer answer is that, although you can spray Febreze on your pillows, it probably shouldn’t be the only method of cleaning you are using on them.

While Febreze locates, dissolves, and traps the dirt that causes bad odors on your pillows, it does not effectively clean them. If you are looking for a quick fix for your pillows, then Febreze is a great option. If you are looking for a deep clean, you will need to look into some options for cleaning and washing your pillows.

Good Times To Use Febreze On Pillows

So, when is a good time to Febreze those pillows? Here are a few examples of good opportunities:

  • Guests are on their way over, and your couch pillows are smelling a little stale
  • You are doing a clean-up at home and want that clean, fresh smell on your beds and couches
  • You have noticed a bit of a funky smell coming from your pillows but do not have the time to clean them right away
  • You have recently washed all your bedding but notice that your pillows are not smelling as inviting as they should
  • You have spent time removing stains and dirt from your pillows but would like a more aromatic smell for them
  • You have a few throw pillows and would like to give them a general clean and refresh
  • You have a date coming over and want your room smelling clean and fresh with a hint of perfume

How To Clean Pillows Before Using Febreze

If you are looking to deep clean your pillows and give them a fresh smell, you may need to look at some cleaning options. We have selected our best and brightest ideas for you to ensure your pillows are perfectly clean and protected. 

Pillows should be cleaned around four times a year to keep them sanitary and fresh.

How To Clean Pillows: Stain Removal

Remove the pillowcase and use a paste of baking soda and water. 

Spot clean the stains using the paste and wipe it off. Dry the pillow by dabbing it with a towel.

How To Clean Pillows: Bad Odors

If your pillow is smelling particularly bad, use the stain removal process described above, then use a solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water. Spray the solution lightly over the pillow and allow it to stand for around 5 minutes. Dab it dry with a towel.  

For foul odors, you can also use a spray like Febreze.  Spray the pillow and leave it to stand for a few minutes before replacing the pillowcase.

How To Clean Pillows: General Cleaning

Suppose your pillow is filled with a regular inner, like down or another feather, fiberfill, or cotton. In that case, you can probably wash it in the washing machine. However, you should read the instructions on the label to ensure that the best way is to wash your pillow on a gentle cycle with warm water.

If your pillow is made with foam, you should not wash it in the machine. Washing machines use turbulent movements to wash their loads, and this action may break the foam of your pillow. If you need to clean your foam pillow, wash the cover as per the instructions on the label, and use a vacuum to get rid of dust, mites, and other unfavorable particles.

It is essential to check the label on your pillow before washing it. Some pillows require dry cleaning, so cleaning them in a regular washing machine will damage them.

How To Clean Pillows: Drying 

Pillows can be dried in the dryer or left to air dry. 

Suppose you use your dryer, place tennis balls or dryer balls inside the tub to avoid having the pillow clump. You will need to dry the pillow for a few cycles as they are dense. Using a few cycles of the dryer will ensure that your pillow is dry all the way through.

Letting your pillow air dry is a great way to eliminate germs or bacteria still lurking after the wash. Hang or place your pillow outside or in a well-ventilated area, preferably with exposure to the sun, and let nature do the rest.

Last Words

Using Febreze is a great way to get your pillows smelling fresh and inviting. It is, however, essential to use other cleaning techniques on your pillows as well as fabric spray. This will ensure that you eliminate dust, mites, dead skin, sweat, and other dirt from the pillow and give yourself and your family a good, clean, healthy sleep.


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