Why Do We Wear Pajamas? 😴🛌🏻

Pajamas are the comfiest attire, and people love to wear them, especially during the weekends. Pajamas can be made out of different fabrics, and people opt for different PJs according to their preferences. However, why do we wear pajamas, and why is it important to choose the right fabrics for bedtime? 

Pajamas are primarily worn for comfort when people are at home, but they are also known to impact the quality of sleep you get through the night. In addition, pajamas keep you warm and make it easier for you to move while you sleep. Also, they are hygienic and a sign of self-care.

Many people do not wear pajamas while sleeping, but some old comfortable clothes that they consider sleepwear. However, in this article, I have provided why pajamas might be the best option for sleeping and why you should consider wearing them if you have not already done that. Once you read the benefits of pajamas and their fabrics features, you will like to experience the comfort they offer and switch to this kind of sleepwear immediately. 

Why Should You Wear Pajamas? 

Many people do not choose real pajamas when they sleep because they believe everything that makes them feel comfortable is the right attire for sleeping. However, there are reasonsOpens in a new tab. why real pajamas would be a better choice for sleeping than any other types of clothes you consider as sleepwear. Once you read what you can get out of proper pajama fabrics, you immediately decide to change how you sleep. 

Pajamas Provide The Ultimate Comfort You Deserve

“Life is better in pajamas” is a saying that represents the comfort pajamas provide. The fabrics made by pajamas provide the comfort you need when you want to relax after a whole day full of tasks and responsibilities. Pajamas are usually made of fabrics, such as silk, lightweight cotton, or soft flannel, and because of them, this sleeping attire feels cozy. 

When people change into their pajamas, they know that the time for rest has come, and at that point, everything becomes better. To make that feeling even better, you need the right pajamas, so you can get the ultimate comfort you deserve. In addition, they will enable you to move better and change positions when you are sleeping, improving the quality of your goodnight’s sleep. 

Pajamas Keep You Warm

Wintertime is the time when you try everything you can, so you stay warm during the night. That is when pajamas are the most convenient because their fabrics are specifically made to keep you warm. Most pajamas designed for winter are made of materials that can resist cold and warm your body more quickly than regular clothes that you consider your sleepwear. 

Full-length pajamas are especially beneficial because they cover your whole body, so you do not need any additional covers or clothes when you are sleeping. You will get the goodnight’s sleep you are striving for without getting cold during the night. 

Pajamas Can Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

It is a known fact that your body and skin experiences a lot of changes when you are sleeping. Therefore, your skin constantly sheds and renews when you are sleeping at night. To provide that process to happen without any obstructions, i.e., in the most hygienic way possible, then you should get yourself some proper pajamas. 

The right pajamas will help in preventing harmful bacteria from your shed skin from spreading on your sheets. That way, you will know that you are sleeping in the cleanest conditions, and you are enabling your skin and body to renew in the best way. However, you need to make sure that you are washing your pajamas regularly to be clean at all times. 

Proper Pajamas Are An Act Of Self-care

The right way to live your life is by giving yourself the proper care you need and deserve, and getting yourself the right pajamas is one step towards self-care. There is a sayingOpens in a new tab. by American author Rebecca Stead that goes by the words “Pajamas are good for the soul,” meaning that when you choose the right sleeping attire, you are giving your body and soul a kind of a treat. Therefore, investing in the right pajamas is not spoiling yourself and spending money but improving the quality of your sleep and your life as well. 

If something is good both for your physical and mental health, it is worth the money. In other words, if you find pajamas of good fabrics and great comfort, do not think twice. Give yourself the treat you deserve. 

Pajamas Express Your Personality 

Even though you wear your pajamas only around your home and when you sleep, that does not mean that you should not choose the ones that go with your personality. If you like fashion, you would like your pajamas to be according to your fashion tastes, so it is completely normal to spend money and time trying to find the ones that you will like. According to a famous quote from Joel Madden, “Always wear cute pajamas because you never know who you’ll meet in your dreams,” you should always be prepared for accidental meetings. 

How To Choose The Right Pajamas? 

There are many types of pajamas, and usually, it isn’t easy to pick the right ones considering that the choice is vast. However, besides choosing among different designs, you should also pay close attention to the fabrics of the pajamas. The materials in which pajamas are made are the most important features for choosing the right ones for yourself.

Therefore, make sure you know what kind of fabric would be convenient for you and your needs before purchasing a certain pair of pajamas. Below, I have listed the features of different fabricsOpens in a new tab., so you would know what to look for next time you go shopping for pajamas. Also, I have provided other helpful details when it comes to picking out the right sleepwear. 

Focus On The Fabrics Of The Pajamas

Designs can be adorable and everything, but you should mainly focus on the fabrics of the pajamas you choose for yourself. 


Cotton is the most preferred pajama fabric when it comes to choosing pajama materials. Cotton is natural and soft, and it gives the utmost comfort you need when you are sleeping. This fabric allows natural air circulation and does not irritate the skin, meaning that you do not have to worry about a thing when you wear cotton pajamas. 

However, the problem may arise when it comes to wintertime sleeping. Cotton does a poor job keeping the body warm, so you may not like it in winter. This means that if you wear cotton pajamas in winter, you will need some additional blankets that will keep you warm during the night. 


Silk is a magnificent fabric because it has a magical soft touch, and it gives you the coziest feeling when you are wearing silk pajamas. In addition, silk is a great fabric for regulating your body’s temperature, meaning that it will keep you warm during winter while it will keep you cool when it is hot. This being said, it is clear that silk might be the best fabric for pajamas. 

However, silk can be costly, and it can be difficult to maintain it in good condition. Usually, silk requires dry-cleaning, so you will not be able to wash your pajamas in a washing machine and get them clean the easy way. Also, it can get slippery under the sheets, so if you do not like that, it is better that you avoid silk pajamas. 


If you usually get hot when sleeping, especially in a heated room, then moisture-wicking pajamas might be the right choice for you. These kinds of fabrics are designed to absorb the water from the skin and regulate your body’s temperature. Moisture-wicking pajamas are great for changeable weather, i.e., changing of the seasons. 

Usually, when seasons change, people do not know what kind of pajamas would keep them, neither hot nor cold. Therefore this would be the right choice. Silk has similar features, but if you do not want to get slippery under the sheets, then moisture-wicking pajamas would do the trick for you. 

Wool And Fleece

Wool pajamas are great for cold weather and winter time. They will keep you warm for sure. However, they might also cause sweating and overheating. You want the pajamas to make you feel comfortable rather than a reason to wake up in the middle of the night because it has become unbearable to sleep in such heat. 

Additionally, wool can irritate the skin, so do not choose this fabric if you cannot stand itchy materials. Also, fleece does not allow the air to circulate, so that it would be quite suffocating for the skin under those kinds of pajamas. Although wool pajamas might be great for colder temperatures, they are not often recommended. 


Flannel is soft and quite warm, so it is a great fabric for pajamas on colder days. This might be the best choice you have for winter since you will have the perfect heat balance during sleeping. They will keep you warm, but not too much so that it would lead to sweating. 

Therefore, flannel pajamas are everything you need if your room is not heated during the night, and you do not want many covers and blankets. Your skin will be able to breathe through them, and you will feel comfortable. 

Bamboo Fabric

Fabrics made of bamboo are among the greatest materials for pajamas since they are great regulators of temperature and are significantly soft and silky. In addition, they have hypoallergenic features, meaning that they will prevent the spread of harmful bacteria through the body and the sheets. What is more, bamboo fabrics are biodegradable, which means that you will keep the environment safe as well. 

Therefore, if you want to keep your life at an eco-friendly level, bamboo pajamas might be the ideal choice for you. You will feel comfortable, the quality of your sleep will improve, and you will keep the planet green. 

Think About Details 

To find the right pajamas for yourself, thinking only about the fabrics is not enough. You may find the right fabric, but the pajamas might not feel as comfortable and cozy as you desire. So, think about other details when purchasing sleepwear. 

For instance, make sure that your pajamas are loose enough so they will not tighten around your body during sleep and prevent you from moving freely during the night. Also, consider details attached to the pajamas, such as buttons, tags, and snaps. These details can be problematic during sleeping since they might press inside your body or become itchy. 

In addition, make sure that your pajamas have a certain level of elasticity. This feature additionally contributes to the comfort of the pajamas, meaning that it plays an essential role in the way you will feel during the night. 

Details are even more important if you’re choosing pajamas for autistic children. You can read our mommy-approved guide here.

As you can see, pajamas play a crucial role in the quality of your sleep and the comfort you have during the night. If you have not worn real pajamas, now would be the right time for a change. Pajamas will greatly improve your life and health, so make sure you provide yourself the coziness you deserve. 


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