16 Of The Best Toys For Children With Nonverbal Autism (2021 Update) 🧸🤖🎈

This article is mommy approved by Miriam Slozberg, mother of two.

Children with nonverbal autism can be difficult to shop for. They may love the same toys like other children, but they often have trouble communicating their specific likes and dislikes. This makes shopping an emotional experience for parents of autistic kids, who are often concerned about what could hurt or scare them.

Eight of the toys chosen are meant for indoors only, and the other eight toys are meant for outdoor play. This way, parents can let their kids have more fun playing outdoors while they’re still safe at home.

Here is a list of 16 excellent gifts that will provide hours of fun and entertainment for your autistic child.

Toddler playing with the Best Toys For Children With Nonverbal Autism
Stack them good!

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Best Indoor Toys For Nonverbal Autism 

FIOLOM Nuts and Bolts Autism Toddler Toys 

FIOLOM Nuts and Bolts Fine Motor Skills Montessori Toys Interlocking Building Blocks Learning STEM...
  • ۞ TODDLER FINE MOTOR SKILLS TOYS: Use your fine motor muscles to screw and unscrew these large plastic nuts and bolts! Put all pieces into the tote to keep all the nuts and bolts together. These toddler boy toys can be used as sorting toys for learning colors and shape matching. The building toys can be incorporated into a kids workbench for pretend play. They serve well as educational toys for 1, 2, or 3 year olds. They also work well as Alzheimer, Parkinsons and stroke recovery therapy tools.
  • ۞ FIRST STEM TOYS for KIDS: Complete Plastic Nuts and Bolts building set for kids. The educational toys for toddlers can be used to introduce math and spatial reasoning for babies and toddlers. These are basic math manipulative learning tools for kids, toddler counting toys, toddler learning colors and shapes matching game. The self correcting nature of these occupational therapy tools make them ideal montessori materials for toddlers.
  • ۞ EDUCATIONAL TOYS FOR KIDS: Use the toddler educational toys with your child for sorting, learning color recognition, matching, basic math skills such as counting, adding, subtraction and drawing, perfect toddler toys for kinesthetic and visual learner. Improves memory, concentration, manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, pairing, shape sorting, increases attention and focus. Improve motion control, visual perception, cognitive thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Nut and bolts set for kids with nonverbal autism 
  • 40 Piece set that includes 20 nuts and bolts and 5 different colors and 4 different shapes 
  • Promotes fine motor skill development 
  • Helps children with nonverbal autism grasp math and spatial reasoning 
  • Educational toys that help kids count and sort 
  • The toy is made with plastic that is non-toxic and eco-friendly that is polyethylene and BPA-free 
  • Laboratory tested and approved 

The FIOLOM Nuts and Bolts set is ideal for kids that have nonverbal autism that is meant to be played indoors. It consists of 40 pieces that include 20 nuts and bolts as well as 5 different colors and 4 different shapes for teaching kids.

This will help them understand the world around them. They will be encouraged to fit the nuts and bolts together with this toy as it is meant to promote fine motor skill development, as well as cognitive development. They also will be able to learn about math and spatial reasoning with the help of these toys.  

The FIOLOM Nuts and Bolts set is an excellent educational toy for kids with nonverbal autism as they will be taught different colors, shapes as well as how to count and sort different objects. This toy is laboratory tested and approved as it is made with non-toxic and eco-friendly plastic. It is BPA and polyethylene-free.  


  • Customer service is excellent 
  • Kids are occupied for a long time as it holds their interest 
  • The plastic is highly durable 


  • The case has been said that it comes in is not ideal for long term storage 
  • Some of the nuts and bolts may not fit perfectly 

Stretchy Happy Man Toy 

Stretchy Happy Man Toy (Set of 24) Sensory Gel Toy for Kids and Adults, Stress and Anxiety Relief...
  • STRETCH, PULL AND HAVE A BLAST! These 3’’ amazing happy men toys are very stretchy and incredibly fun so you can pull them and twist them all you want, and then let them go back to normal! Pull on an arm and have a friend pull a leg and enjoy hours of stretchy, squeezy fun, Perfect Filer for Easter baskets this season.
  • ADORABLE DESIGN: The stretchy toys have a cute design that every child and adult will love. The little emoji gel men have a sweet and funny happy face that will brighten up your day and add some humor to your game. The pulling gel toy comes in a set of 24 in 4 bright and fun colors that are suitable for girls, boys and grown-ups of all ages from 3 years old and up!
  • PERFECTLY SAFE FOR YOUR KID: This fidget toy is made with the best quality materials and with special care so you can rest assured that it is 100% safe for your little one. The gel stretchy toy is made with elastic and durable material that is BPA and phthalate free for maximum performance and safety.
  • Stretchy Happy Man Toy comes in a set of 24 pieces of 4 different colors 
  • These are sensory gel toys for kids and adults with nonverbal autism 
  • They are meant to provide anxiety and stress relief  
  • These toys help them focus so they can get excess energy expelled 
  • The gel is made with plastic materials that are safe and free of phthalates and BPAs 

Kids with nonverbal autism are unable to communicate their stressors and this is why they experience anxiety, stress, and act out. And Stretchy Happy Man Toy is meant to help them with that. It is a great fidget toy and this set comes in 24 pieces and is of 4 different colors. This fidget toy is enjoyed by kids and adults with autism as well as ADHD. Even kids that are verbal would enjoy using them as it provides them relief as well.  

However, kids with nonverbal autism have the added complication of not being able to express their needs and emotions. This fidget toy will help them expel extra energy, calm down, and can help them focus on learning as a result. The material that this gel is made of is plastic that is safe and is BPA and phthalates-free.  


  • Thes toys keep kids occupied and busy for a long time 
  • They stretch very well and hold up well 
  • They provide plenty of relief for kids that fidget often 


  • The toys are smaller than expected 
  • They come with a strange smell even though it wears over time 

Autism Supplies And Developments Plastic Visual ASD Now, Next And Later Board 

Plastic Visual ASD Now, Next and Later Board (Picture Communication Symbols)
296 Reviews
Plastic Visual ASD Now, Next and Later Board (Picture Communication Symbols)
  • A great tool to help those that struggle when transitioning from one activity to another. Transitions are often a key source of stress for many on the spectrum, and the concept of a Now, Next Later board is one that is widely used.
  • Both board and symbols are made from plastic so they are incredible durable and hardwearing
  • The board is A4 in size – which is a good size for both display on the wall and also to keep on the desk for easy access and reference. The symbols themselves are 4.5cm square, again easy to both see and handle. We use hook and loop fasteners with our products, to ensure that the board is also compatible with your existing symbol library.
  • The picture communication is of the best quality and is used with the permission of Mayer-Johnson 
  • The most commonly used visuals that do support development and learning with autism which increases comprehension 
  • Waterproof and grease-resistant 
  • Extremely durable 
  • Boards feature velcro that is sticky and pre-applied so it can be used right away 
  • Corners are rounded so scratches are less likely to happen 
  • Helps kids with non-verbal autism understand what is coming next which reduces anxiety and behavioral issues 

Autism Supplies And Developments features their Plastic Visual ASD Now, Next And Later Board that present picture communication symbols for children with non-verbal autism to learn. It also helps to increase comprehension and improve cognitive abilities. This board is also resistant to grease and is waterproof so it will stay intact. Therefore, it is highly durable.  

This board features velcro that has backed and sticky. It is pre-applied so therefore it can be used right away. And the corners of the board are rounded. Therefore, it is more resistant to scratches. This board is also helpful for kids with autism to learn what is expected to happen.

If they are aware of what to expect later on, especially if plans are changed which takes them out of the routine, they will be less anxious and will not display extreme behavioral issues.  


  • Highly durable material  
  • Pictures are clear 
  • Very helpful when it comes to helping kids through transitions 


  • Not a large variety of pictures 
  • The board is somewhat small 

ENTHUR Stretchy String Fidget Sensory Toys Easter Egg Filler Build Resistance Squeeze Pull

ENTHUR 6Pcs Fidget Toys Stretchy String Sensory Toys,Fidget Toys Build Resistance Squeeze Pull,...
  • Include 2 PCS Tempered Glass Screen Protector compatible with Galaxy S8
  • From scratches to high impact drops, you are protected with AVIGOR HD Clear Ballistic Glass
  • Precise laser cut tempered glass made with polished, rounded edges. 99.99% HD Clarity and Touchscreen Accuracy
  • Effective fidget toys that serve to help calm kids with autism while they stretch, pull, pinch, pound, and squeeze 
  • Reduces stress and anxiety 
  • They teach kids colors and help promote imagination and creativity 
  • They can help kids strengthen their arm muscles 
  • Excellent sensory toys that are made with the best quality materials that are free of latex, phthalates, BPAs, and are non-toxic and eco-friendly 
  • Toys are hypoallergenic and are safe for kids as well as adults 
  • Packages include 12 Stretchy String that is 11 inches long and comes in 6 different colors and stretches up to 8 feet 

ENTHUR Stretchy String Fidget Sensory Toys are excellent fidget toys for kids with non-verbal autism as they help these kids in various ways. They can help reduce anxiety and stress and are calming while they can stretch, pinch, pound, pull, and squeeze the strings. Additionally, the package includes 12 Stretchy Strings that come in 6 different colors, 11 inches long, and will stretch up to 8 feet.  

These fidget toys also teach kids different colors and promote their creativity and help them use their imagination. The fact that these kids have to pull and work with the strings also helps them increase and strengthen their muscles. These sensory toys are made with the best quality materials and are free of phthalates, BPAs, and latex. They are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. Kids and adults can use them.  


  • These stretchy toys keep kids very focused and calm 
  • Excellent for motor skill development 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed and a 45-day money-back guarantee 
  • A fantastic addition to your autistic child’s personal sensory bin


  • Not ideal for kids that put things in their mouths often as pieces can break off 
  • Material is a little sticky 

TANGLE Set of 3 Jr. Original Fidget Toy

TANGLE Set of 3 Jr. Original Fidget Toy
  • GET CREATIVE: Tangles are the perfect way to express your creative side in a whole new light. Attach them however and mold them into whatever you'd like.
  • KEEP BUSY: If you or your child can't stand sitting with idle hands, this is the perfect solution for waiting rooms and car rides alike. Super fun and super portable.
  • CRAZY COLORS: This pack comes with three different color schemes of Tangle Jr. All of which are bright and fun. Mix them together to make them even more exciting.
  • Tangle Jr comes in a set of 3 toys 
  • This toy brings out the opportunity for kids to become creative and they can build anything they would like 
  • This is perfect for kids to stay busy if they cannot sit with idle hands 
  • There are three different colors which are fun and bright, and they can mix which is captivating 
  • It can help your child get away from devices for a while as this will keep them busy in a non-disruptive way 
  • These toys are meant to be disassembled and assembled over and over again and are built to last.  

Tangle Jr features a set of 3 toys that are fun, bright, and can be mixed and be disassembled and assembled. They are built to last as they are made with durable and high-quality materials.

This toy brings out the opportunity for kids under the autism spectrum to become creative as that helps with their cognitive development so they can build anything they imagine. This will keep kids busy for a long time.  

And for parents that want their kids to stop using devices, this is the perfect toy. They will be happy to play with it, and replacing the equipment with the toy won’t be a significant disruption to them.  


  • A great fidget toy for kids with autism that will keep them busy for a while 
  • Kids enjoy using them 
  • It provides sensory input and relief for these kids which is calming to them 


  • The pieces come apart a little too easily 
  • They have been said to be tricky at times to assemble 

Educational Insights Teachable Touchables Texture Squares 

Educational Insights Teachable Touchables Textured Beanbags Squares, Toddler Sensory Toy, Preschool...
  • BUILD TACTILE AWARENESS - Scratchy, slippery, silky, or soft? Young learners build tactile awareness and vocabulary skills as they interact with these 20 texture squares (10 different pairs) in a variety of "hands-on" activities. Textures include bumpy, furry, fuzzy, nubby, and more
  • DEVELOP FINE MOTOR SKILLS - Build tactile awareness, fine motor skills and vocabulary skills as they interact with 20 textured squares in a variety of hands-on activities
  • ENCOURAGE SENSORY LEARNING! Each textured pillow measures 2"–3", perfect for small hands. Stores in a handy drawstring bag
  • Educational Insights provides 20 pillows and patches to help kids with autism to develop tactile discrimination skills through sensory stimulation 
  • They will get bagfuls of textures and find out if they are soft, silky, scratchy, or slippery as this helps them build awareness 
  • Each pillow and patch is perfect for hands that are small and can be stored in a bag with a drawstring 
  • The set features an activity guide for parents and caregivers to help their kids use the pillows and patches as intended 

Educational Insights gives kids with autism the opportunity to build tactile discrimination skills through a set of 20 pillows and patches. These pillows have a variety of textures as some may be soft, slippery, silky, or scratchy, and kids will learn about them by doing hands-on activities with these bags and patches.  

The pillows and patches will fit perfectly in their hands and store in a bag with a drawstring, so they stay organized. This set features an activity guide as it will cover tactile discrimination, as well as how to match the pillows and patches.  


  • The color and texture variety is excellent 
  • Work as great reinforcers for kids as they enjoy them 
  • They are easy to use 


  • These toys are expensive 
  • Some consumers wished they were fluffier 

Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog 

Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog, Fine Motor and Sensory Toy, Educational Toys for...
33,670 Reviews
Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog, Fine Motor and Sensory Toy, Educational Toys for...
  • FINE MOTOR GAMES FOR KIDS: Build fine motor skills with chunky, peg-shaped pieces that fit to the back of this friendly hedgehog. Also use Spike as for occupational therapy exercises
  • DEVELOP: Colorful quills help kids build color recognition, sorting, and counting skills through fine motor skill games. Spike is also a great toy for visually impaired children!
  • TODDLER TOYS: Now fine motor intrinsic toys come with easy to grasp pieces that are just the right size for little toddler and preschool hands to hold. Fine motor set includes 2-piece hedgehog about 6” in diameter, 12 quills, and activity guide
  • The set includes a hedgehog that is a 2-piece toy and is 6 inches in diameter 
  • 12 quills are included and they are extremely colorful 
  • Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog helps to build motor skill development 
  • The quills help with counting skills, as well as sorting, and color knowledge 
  • Storage is easy as the quills fit inside of the Hedgehog 

Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog is a great toy for kids that have nonverbal autism. this toy is a 2-piece hedgehog that measures at 6 inches in diameter. It includes 12 quills that are colorful.

The purpose of this toy is to help kids build motor skill development as they put the quills into the hedgehog. They also can help kids improve their counting skills, sorting skills, as well as color knowledge.  

Additionally, it is easy to store the quills inside of the hedgehog when the kids are no longer playing with it. Therefore, very little space is taken up.  


  • The toy is compact and lightweight 
  • The texture is soft and sensory-friendly 
  • Safe to be bitten for kids that put things in their mouths 


  • The quills can be somewhat difficult to insert into the pegs 
  • It does not hold attention for long periods of time 

Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags 🌌

Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags, Learn Shapes, Toddler Learning Toy, Preschool Toys, Set of 8...
  • TOSS & LEARN SHAPES: Kids will love learning to identify shapes with these beautifully embroidered and colorful beanbags
  • INCLUDES 8 BEANBAGS: Each set includes a square, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, circle, rectangle, oval, and star beanbag. Also included is an activity guide packed with fun activities and a handy drawstring bag for easy storage. Spot-clean only
  • MADE FOR SMALL HANDS: Each beanbag is approximately 4 inches x 5 inches. Made chunky with the perfect amount of weight for little hands
  • Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags provides eight felt beanbags that are washable that come in different shapes and colors 
  • In each beanbag, the shape word is embroidered which can help kids read 
  • Bean bags help kids learn shapes, colors, as well as maintaining a balance, and eye-hand coordination for games that involve toss and catching 
  • Beanbags measure at 4 to 5 inches 
  • It comes with a bag that has a drawstring for storage 
  • An activity guide is included 

Educational Insights make excellent toys for kids on the autism spectrum, and their Shapes Beanbags set ideal for kids that are nonverbal and have autism. This set provides eight felt beanbags that are washable. They come in different shapes and colors in addition to shape word is embroidered into each bean bag which helps kids develop reading skills.  

These toys are excellent for kids to learn colors as well as shapes. They can also learn how to maintain balance as well as developing the proper eye-hand coordination for games that involve toss and catch. They measure around 4 to 5 inches, and they come with a drawstring bag for storage. Included in the set is an activity guide.  


  • Bean bags are extremely sturdy 
  • They are highly engaging and kids love them 
  • This toy is great for helping the development as kids learn from them fast 


  • Bean bags are flat and are not filled enough 
  • They are a little too lightweight 

Best Outdoor Toys For Nonverbal Autism 

Toysmith Hoppy Ball 

Toysmith Hoppy Ball (18-Inch)
  • This colorful bouncing ball features a sturdy handle and invites children to ride and bounce as high as they can go.
  • A handy pump is included to keep the hoppy ball inflated.
  • Tough rubber construction resists stains and punctures.
  • Toysmith Hoppy Ball is colorful and helps to keep the imaginations of kids going  
  • This ball is highly engaging and will keep kids busy for a while 
  • It features a handy pump to keep the ball inflated at all times 
  • The ball is constructed from a high-quality rubber material which will keep it puncture and stain-free 
  • This ball meets the highest safety standards and requirements 
  • Only meant for outdoor play 
  • The colors it comes in are blue and pink 

Toysmith Hoppy Ball is a great bouncy ball toy for kids with nonverbal autism, and kids in general so they can stay active, stay imaginative, and stay busy. It is meant to be highly engaging. Parents do not need to worry about the ball deflating as it comes with a handy pump to keep it intact at all times.  

The ball is made of rubber that is the highest-quality, which means it will be resistant to stains as well as punctures. Parents can be confident with this ball as it meets the highest safety standards and requirements. This toy is meant for outdoor play, only and the ball comes in either a blue or pink color.  


  • The price of this toy is reasonable 
  • It is very engaging, and kids stay busy playing with it for a while 
  • It is highly durable and longlasting 


  • The pump has been said to be challenging to work with when it comes to inflating the ball 
  • The color options are limited 

Toysmith Get Outside Go! Easy Catch Ball & Glove Set Super Sport Outdoor Active Play Baseball 

Get Outside Go! Easy Catch Ball & Glove Set Super Sport Outdoor Active Play Baseball by Toysmith...
  • This colorful child's glove and ball uses Velcro strips to make catching easier and less frustrating.
  • Perfect for the beginner player
  • Ages 3 and up
  • Toysmith provides this glove and ball set for kids to play with which helps their eye-hand coordination and muscle tone 
  • The ball features velcro strips to improve the child catch the ball easier 
  • This is an ideal toy for kids with nonverbal autism to expel energy as they strengthen their muscles 
  • The glove is colorful and as it features red and blue colors.  
  • Only meant for outdoor play. 

Toysmith Get Outside Go! Easy Catch Ball & Glove Set Super Sport Outdoor Active Play Baseball set features one glove and ball. This is how kids with nonverbal autism can become familiar with playing baseball. The glove is colorful as it has red and blue colors, and the ball is lined with velcro strips so that catching the ball is more comfortable for these kids to do.  

This is an excellent game for these kids as it helps them improve their eye-hand coordination as well as muscle tone. And they get stronger as they release pent up energy they have. This toy set is only meant for outdoor play.  


  • This toy is engaging for kids as it keeps them stimulated for a long time 
  • The materials are soft and sensory-friendly 
  • The glove is flexible  


  • It is not all that longlasting as it can come apart after many uses 
  • The velcro on the ball wears down after many uses  

BooTaa 2 Pack Airplane Toys 🌌

BooTaa 2 Pack Airplane Toys, 17.5" Large Throwing Foam Plane, 2 Flight Mode Glider, Flying Toy for...
  • 2 FLIGHT MODE - Glider mode and reversal mode. There are two holes in the plane's tail. Insert the small wing to the below hole, the plane will fly in glider mode. Insert small wing to the upper hole, Plane will fly in reversal mode. Interesting glider planes.
  • GOOD FOR KIDS' HEALTH - Outdoor sports are good for children' health. Just give kids a chance for throwing these glider plane, they will get away from computer, television, play with it in your playroom or outside for hours. Kids will Learn how to launch and control the airplane toys, help your little ones develop coordination, critical thinking skills with a practical way, will also improve their hand-eye combination, coordination, observation and the sense of direction.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL,EASY TO INSTALL - These airplane toys made of EPP high-polymer material, light weight, good flexibility, impact resistance. Product tested safe for kids. Will not harm your kids, even if the plane hits him/her during landing. Easy to assemble - Don't need a battery, just insert the wing and tail to the right place, you will be allowed to enjoy the game immediately.
  • BooTaa 2 Pack Airplane Toys are made with safe EPP high-polymer foam material, and they are easy for kids to grasp.  
  • The two planes feature 2 flight modes which are both the glider and reversal modes 
  • It is an excellent opportunity for kids to play outdoors and get a break from being in front of screens 
  • Kids have a chance to launch the planes which helps promote the observation skills, as well as hand-eye combination and coordination 
  • Easy to install and to assemble 
  • For outdoor play only 

The BooTaa 2 Pack Airplane Toys are perfect for kids that have nonverbal autism. They are easy to hold and to carry as they are lightweight. They are constructed with EPP high-polymer foam material that is safe. The content is easy for kids to grasp. These two planes feature two modes for the flight, which are both reversal or glider modes. These planes are easy for parents to assemble, as well as to install.  

This is a toy that will give kids a break from spending their days in front of a tablet and will get them outdoors, as it is only meant for the outdoors. Not only will they expend energy, but they will launch the planes, which will help promote their observation skills. It will also help build their hand-eye combination and coordination as well. This is an excellent toy for their development.  


  • The toy is highly engaging 
  • Helps kids stay occupied and busy for a while 
  • They are lightweight and sensory-friendly 


  • There is some guesswork in regards to assembling the planes 
  • Planes do not fly that high 

WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands Kit 

WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands Kit: (4-Piece Set) | Incl. Wand, Big Bubble Concentrate and Tips &...
  • Unimaginably Giant Bubbles: These giant bubble wands create long, GIANT bubbles thanks to a 2-handle design, which has been used to set every big bubble world record in the last 30 years. Passers-by will be sure to say "WOW... Amazing"!
  • Bubble Solution is Made in the USA! The WOWmazing Giant Bubble Concentrate is proudly made in the USA. It is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable! We focus on quality and you can trust you're getting a premium, reliable, and superior product.
  • Complete Kit: The 4-piece WOWmazing Kit contains everything you need to create bubbles that are big, colorful, and fun: a set of giant bubble maker, 2 pouches of WOWmazing Bubble Concentrate, and a Tip & Tricks booklet to help you become a master bubble creator!
  • WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands Kit is designed to make giant bubbles as it consists of 2 handles 
  • It is a 3-piece kit that contains a big bubble maker, a booklet to give tips on creating large bubbles, and a WOWmazing Bubble Concentrate pouch 
  • The bubble blower is of excellent quality, is lightweight, and durable 
  • Helps promote social skills and gross motor skill development 
  • For outdoor play only 

The WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands Kit is a great outdoor toy for kids with nonverbal autism. It is a 3-piece kit that consists of a massive bubble maker, a WOWmazing Bubble Concentrate pouch, as well as a booklet that helps provide tips on creating enormous bubbles. Bubble blower or maker has two handles that are easy to grasp.  

It is also very lightweight, durable, and kids will have an easy time working with it. This toy helps to promote gross motor skills and social skills as the kids can blow bubbles with their families and therapists. This is meant for outdoor use and play only.  


  • Booklet is full of tips on how kids can make large bubbles easily 
  • The handles are lightweight and easy for kids to grasp which lowers frustration levels 
  • The bubble maker is durable and longlasting 


  • The formula runs out quickly 
  • Replacements are expensive  

Edx Education Step-a-Logs 

edxeducation Step-a-Logs - Supplies for Physical Play - Indoor and Outdoor - Exercise and Gross...
1,131 Reviews
edxeducation Step-a-Logs - Supplies for Physical Play - Indoor and Outdoor - Exercise and Gross...
  • IMPROVE COORDINATION -- Use these balance beams to teach better balance and proper movement while building the child’s sense of coordination in a supportive environment
  • TEACH CONFIDENCE -- A great kindergarten toy to teach children confidence as their balance improves. The Step-a-Logs work well indoors and outdoors especially when matched with other challenges in an obstacle course
  • SAFETY IN DESIGN -- Each log has been load tested to safely support up to 400 lb. Balance ramps at both ends enable easy access for children to walk up. The ribbed tops help prevent slipping
  • Edx Education Step-a-Logs is meant for kids with autism to develop balance as well as coordination skills 
  • The set includes 6 logs which are intended to be walked on as they serve the purpose as ramps 
  • Trunks are stackable when not in use 
  • Helps promote imagination 
  • This toy is meant to be used for outdoors but can be used indoors in larger rooms as well 

Edx Education Step-a-Logs is an excellent toy for kids with autism that helps them to develop balancing, gross motor skill as well as coordination skills. A set comes with 6 logs and a rope where another places the logs as the cord connects them, so they serve the purpose of being ramps or just walking logs.  

When the logs are not in use, they are stackable so they can save space. This toy set, in addition to promoting balancing, gross motor, and coordination skills, also encourages imagination. This toy is meant to be used for the outdoors. However, on a rainy day, it can be used in large rooms indoors if it must. However, if used indoors, it must be in a carpeted area with plenty of space. 


  • Blocks can be placed in an unlimited formation 
  • Occupational therapists love this toy as it helps kids strengthen their cores 
  • The price is affordable 


  • There are no rubber grips on the bottom which is why this toy is ideal really for outdoors 
  • Shipment can be a little slow 

Royal Oak Giant 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing 

Royal Oak Saucer Tree Swing ,Giant 40 Inches with Carabiners and Flags, 700 lb Weight Capacity,...
  • FABRIC UPDATE - The Strongest and Most Durable Fabric - 1680D Oxford Polyester is used for all our swings.
  • YEAR-ROUND FUN: Our giant 40 inches saucer swing with removable flags is popular among children and it's obvious why! Its unique design allows for exciting swinging year-round. Big enough for a single adult and/or multiple kids. It's always a hit at parties and guaranteed to produce roaring laughter and big smiles.
  • ULTRA SAFE AND BUILT TO LAST - We take safety seriously and that's why we are the only company that uses the strongest and safest materials like 1680D Oxford fabric with industry leading protective coating, no lead and an industrial strength steel frame. With a load rating of 700 lbs., this swing can handle multiple children at the same time.
  • The Royal Oak giant tree swing can be used all year round 
  • This swing is made with a steel frame and is built to last 
  • Easy to put together and to hang onto tree branches 
  • The swing is made with 900D Oxford fabric with a commercial rope which is highly durable  
  • Can withstand any weather condition 
  • Helps kids expel energy and gives them a chance to spend a lot of time in natural settings 
  • 700 lbs capacity 
  • For outdoor use only 

The Royal Oak giant tree swing is one of the best swings that kids will love as it helps them expel excess energy. Additionally, because this is strictly meant to be an outdoor toy, it allows kids to be in natural settings for a long time, which has many benefits. The swing is highly durable as it measures at 40 inches in diameter, and is made with a coated steel frame. The fabric is the sturdy and durable 900D Oxford with commercial rope. This will lasts a long time.  

The weight capacity is 700 lbs, which means parents can go on the swing with their kids, or multiple kids can be on the swing at once. It can withstand harsh weather conditions meaning it can be used during all four seasons. It is easy to set up and hang from tree branches.  


  • Extremely easy to install and to put together 
  • Customer service is quick to respond and help when contacted 
  • The swing is very comfortable as kids love to stay on it for a long time 


  • The price is somewhat steep 
  • The color tends to fade over a matter of months 

Toysmith Rainbow Stunt Streamer 

Toysmith Rainbow Stunt Streamer
439 Reviews
Toysmith Rainbow Stunt Streamer
  • This multi-colored stunt streamer stretches to 6.5-feet in length, creating huge, fluid shapes when it moves.
  • Pull the control cord at the end of the handle to create loops, spirals, and more.
  • The brightly colored streamer resists tears and stains, and holds up under hours of intense play.
  • Toysmith Rainbow Stunt Streamer is a great toy to help kids keep their imaginations running 
  • They need to pull the control cord at the base of the handle while they grasp the handle with their other hand 
  • This strengthens gross motor skill development and muscle tone, as well as eye-hand coordination.  
  • The streamer is brightly colored 
  • It is tear and stain-resistant 
  • It will hold up after hours of intense play 
  • It stretches to over 6 feet in length 
  • It creates large fluid shapes as it moves 
  • For outdoor play only 

Toysmith Rainbow Stunt Streamer is another great toy for the outdoors, which can help kids to keep their imaginations running. The way it works is that they pull the control cord at the base of the handle. And they must grasp the handle with their other hand, which can help to strengthen gross motor skill development, muscle tone, besides, to eye-hand coordination. The streamer is brightly colored, and it can create large fluid shapes such as loops as it moves.  

This toy will keep kids active and busy for hours, and it will hold up for a long time after intense play. It stretches over 6 feet in length, which is also why this toy only suitable for the outdoors. It is both tear and stain-resistant.  


  • A great toy for helping kids with autism develop better eye-hand coordination 
  • It helps keeps kids engaged for hours which is an excellent way for them to burn excess energy 
  • The toy is highly durable 


  • The colors may be somewhat bright for those who have severe sensory issues 
  • It is not wholly water-resistant as when the ribbon gets wet it can stiffen 

South Beach Bubbles 4 Big Bubble Wands 

4 Big Bubble Wands: Making Giant Bubbles. Great Birthday Activity and Party Favor. Giant Bubble...
  • Unimaginably Giant Bubbles: These giant bubble wands create long, GIANT bubbles thanks to a 2-handle design, which has been used to set every big bubble world record in the last 30 years. Passers-by will be sure to say "WOW... Amazing"!
  • 4 Big Bubble Wands: Make 4 times the bubbles with these Big Bubbles Wands.
  • Works Best with WOWmazing Powder Refills: to see the magic, just dip the string in a bucket or container of WOWmazing Bubble Solution (sold separately), lift the wands to the sky and you’ll think, “Whoa! Did I make that?”
  • South Beach Bubbles provides a large bubble making kit that has four wands 
  • This is a great toy to encourage socializing and being the presence of other kids as four can make huge bubbles together 
  • The 2-handle design is easy for kids to handle and helps promote fine and gross motor skill development, eye-hand coordination, and improves muscle tone 
  • Works the best with WOWmazing powder or WOWmazing Concentrate 
  • High-quality wands will last a long time 
  • Lightweight 
  • For outdoor play only 

South Beach Bubbles has a considerable bubble making kit for kids as it contains four wands. This toy helps encourage kids with autism to socialize by being the presence of other kids as four can make huge bubbles together. The rods are designed with two handles for kids to grasp as it helps them promote fine and gross motor skill development. They will also develop eye-hand coordination, and it improves muscle tone as well.  

The wands work best with WOWmazing powder or WOWmazing Concentrate, which are not included in the set. The rods are made of longlasting and high-quality material that is lightweight so kids can hold it comfortably. This is only meant for outdoor play.  


  • The wands make incredibly huge bubbles which pique the interest of kids using it 
  • They are straightforward to handle and to use 
  • They can take a beating and will stay intact 


  • The bubbles are not included in the set 
  • Shipping can take a long time 

This way, when the warm weather approaches, children that have nonverbal autism can engage with the appropriate toys that are meant for outdoor use. And when the weather is rainy, and during the winter, the indoor options are just as engaging and enjoyable for these children.  

Parents and caregivers will also approve of these toys that their kids will be playing with as they are all made of safe, high-quality materials.  

16 Of The Best Toys For Children With Nonverbal Autism (2021 Update) 🧸🤖🎈

Miriam Slozberg is a Canadian author, blogger, and mom to 2 kids. One had combined autism and ADHD. After years of trialing different forms of therapy, she learned how to best support her son. She writes on publications such as BabyGaga.com. She also is a mental health advocate as she lives with ADHD and has experienced depression.

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