“BetterHelp Rejected Me”– Now What?

Saddest heading ever is written, right? You reach out to a platform that says they can help you, but they end up doing the unthinkable: they reject you. So what do you do when you’re left out in the cold like this?

There are legitimate reasons an e-therapy platform like BetterHelp would reject you. Online counseling cannot adequately respond to crises or critical psychiatric illnesses. After a rejection, it’s an opportunity to take advantage of other affordable options out there.

In this article, we will show you why platforms like BetterHelp have a professional, legal, and ethical mandate to refer some cases to in-person therapy or emergency care. Read on also for proof that e-therapy works and get many other affordable counseling options available near you. 

If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger – don’t use this site. These resourcesOpens in a new tab. can provide you with immediate help.

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E-Therapy Platforms Have Tons of Benefits

Reddit userOpens in a new tab. dealing with anxiety and depression signed up on BetterHelp and got rejected. No actual conversation with a counselor: Simply forsaken. This Reddit post elicited harsh online criticism. 

Many people questioned the legitimacy of online counseling platforms. BetterHelp is the largest there is of its kind online; it has counseling industry clout. But could it be that they are a scam? Were the tremendous displays of support this platform had from big-eyed prominent YouTubers just a marketing ploy for pay? 

To put your mind to ease, reviewsOpens in a new tab. show that BetterHelp is a legitimate online counseling platform. Its use has sharply increased during the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown period. And with good reason.

Online counselors are a part of the growing telehealth industry that makes mental health therapy easier for all. That said, these new avenues of treatment have their limitations. 

Let’s face it; access to therapy is profoundly inadequate. According to the National Institute of Mental HealthOpens in a new tab. (NIMH), 46.6 million people in the US, or one in every five adults, have a mental illness. These patients need more utilizable therapy options because, as data shows, 60%Opens in a new tab. go without treatment.

A deadly combination of cost, stigma, and accessibility are to blame. Fortunately, platforms such as BetterHelp and TalkspaceOpens in a new tab. have become the solution to these challenges. You can read our comparison review of Betterhelp vs. Talkspace hereOpens in a new tab..

E-therapy can overcome the hurdles that keep patients away from therapy. Telepsychiatry is proving to be of particular help to minority groups such as the disabled, people of color, or LGBTQ+.

Why E-Therapy Platforms Might Reject Your Application for Treatment

According to research listed on the Telemental Health InstituteOpens in a new tab. website, Telemental therapy can match face-to-face treatment benefits, and it is an appropriate alternative. E-therapy has been a game-changer in the pandemic season, bringing the need for mental health care to the limelight.

Unfortunately, while e-therapy can keep patients with regular therapy sessions well taken care of, there are reasons it might not be sufficient for all mental health patients. These circumstances can force an online counseling platform to reject your application. Some of these reasons why therapy apps could give an application the brush off are listed below.

  • Most online therapy platforms lack risk handling mechanisms. They cannot gauge the patient’s level of risk via their messaging apps.
  • Some patients with severe addictions or illnesses need more than digital therapy. They need a practitioner physically present for treatment techniques.
  • Some online patients have to work with professionals licensed in their state for insurance provider reimbursement purposes. This can be a challenge with e-therapy.
  • Some have insurance companies that do not cover this novel form of therapy sessions, making online payments to these apps a challenge.
  • Counseling therapists also have to do their due diligence and comply with Health InsuranceOpens in a new tab. Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) laws. There are also other licensing laws, such as ethical, legal, and state, to consider when dealing with patients online.
  • There are also legal boundaries to watch out for when the applicant is a minor. This demographic needs their parents for legal consent.

What Processes Do Online Counselors Use for Therapy?

Research shows that not only can talk therapy perform as wellOpens in a new tab. as antidepressants, and it can also change your brainOpens in a new tab.. Talk therapy, the cornerstone of e-therapy, can reduce mental illness symptoms and build a recovery foundation.

Ongoing researchOpens in a new tab. also shows that there is little difference between talk therapy administered online and the face-to-face process. Severe mental illnesses are the exception to this rule. These illnesses require talk therapy on an in-person setup. 

The professionals at the American Psychological AssociationOpens in a new tab. (APA) support this principle. They say that while web therapy works for some cases, it should only be utilized as in-person psychotherapy complementary until there is more research on the matter.

Your 30-minute long BetterHelp session, augmented by weekly calls and unlimited messaging, will be with specialists in the following fields:

  • Client-centered therapy is where the therapist’s role is not to offer instructions or direction. They will let you take the lead role and act as support on the road to your well-being.
  • Gestalt therapy, where a patient focuses on the events in their lives rather than experiences’ effects.
  • Cognitive behavior therapy is a practical and hands-on, goal-oriented approach to therapy. CBT will influence your thought and behavior patterns for wellness.
  • The recognition of your unconscious thought’s power on feeling, thinking, and behavior through psychodynamic therapy.
  • Unbound acceptance via humanistic therapy, freeing you to reveal your thoughts and feelings.
  • Interpersonal therapy to improve interpersonal communication and behavior.

What Illnesses Can Online Therapy Treat?

According to the American Psychiatric AssociationOpens in a new tab. (APA), applying these techniques in telepsychiatry has high satisfaction rates amongst psychiatrists, patients, and other professionals. They provide not just equal treatment effectiveness, but diagnostic accuracy, patient satisfaction, and quality of care as in-person care. 

The psychiatric body notes that this form of treatment is preferable to in-person care amongst patients with extreme anxiety disorders or autism. Its ability to offer adequate remote treatment is also very beneficial for mental health patients with physical limitations. APA says that e-therapy is particularly useful for depression, PTSD, and ADHD.

What Other Affordable Therapy Options Are There?

Web therapy is not only convenient but is sometimes less expensiveOpens in a new tab.. It is also easily accessible and comfortable for most technology savvy people. 

That said, a rejection notice from these platforms may be painful and confusing, but it only serves to point you to better therapy. Some other sources of affordable therapy that you can approach include: 

  • Psychologists, social workers, and psychotherapists with a sliding scale hourly fee adjustment. Their services are more affordable and customizable.
  • Free or low-income community-based clinics. These mental health facilities have professionals whose services are complemented by students in the fields.
  • If one therapy app fails, you can always give its peer therapy appsOpens in a new tab. such as ReGain or Talkspace a chance. For your health’s sake, seek in-person treatment, if these professionals advise you to do so.
  • Attend local mental health support groups and connect with individuals like you, dealing with similar healing challenges.
  • Call suicide and crisis prevention hotlines when dealing with domestic violence, suicidal thoughts, or sexual assault.
  • Listening and reading mental health wellness materials.


The professionals at BetterHelp or any other therapy app may reject your application for your safety and theirs. Fortunately, you can take advantage of other affordable options out there. Reach out to emergency health services if you require critical help.

Book an appointment with an affordable mental health care therapist or attend your local wellness support groups. You can also keep your mind healthier with self-help podcasts such as the twenty on this listOpens in a new tab..

Is BetterHelp Confidential? Here’s The TruthOpens in a new tab.


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