12 Therapy Apps That Are Actually Worth It

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Therapy apps have a good reputation because of their ability to streamline the experience of a therapy session. StudiesOpens in a new tab. show that 98 million adults suffer from severe mental disorders. Telemental health care has proven to be effective, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The best therapy apps should make the process more accessible and help patients access different therapists with various specializations. They should have simple interfaces, enough qualified staff, offer multiple services, accept insurance covers, have excellent customer service, and are secure. 

Throughout this article, you will find information regarding different apps and the various services they offer. We will highlight the pros of these applications and their limitation of usage according to location and age.

ginger.ioOpens in a new tab.

ginger.io charges between 85$ to 99$ per session, which depends on the therapist’s qualification and experience. Also, the application charges a fee of $199 for those seeking psychiatry appointments. You can download it from the Google Play Store or the official website.

ginger.io provides its services through video calls and voice calls. The main key area the app specializes in is in therapy and psychiatryOpens in a new tab.. Most of their therapists are licensed and highly trained psychologists who are readily available on the platform to serve their patients. The psychiatrists on the platform are approved and licensed by the physicians’ board of psychiatry and neurology.

The app can detect your location and offer you the immediate and most practical solution near you. If there is a professional therapist near your area, the app will schedule you one of the available sessions or appointments with their counselor or therapist. Psychiatric services are available only by appointment.

Before confirming the therapist, you are given the option of viewing their profile, location, bio, credentials, education, approach to treatment, and fee. After confirming all the proposed therapist’s details, you are then free to proceed to book a session with the therapist.


  • Available for use by teenagers under 18 years
  • Easy to use interface
  • Has many therapists across the globe
  • Offers extra services such as pregnancy and menopause counseling
  • Open to insurance covers

BlahTherapyOpens in a new tab.

The average price for a therapy session at the BlahTherapy app is about $50; this depends on the type of package you choose to use on the app. There is a sliding scale available on the platform to help those who may have financial challenges and may need aid. The app also allows users to use their insurance covers for treatment. However, the insurance cover is limited to specific regions.

The application is free to download in the Apple Store, Microsoft Store, and Google Play store. Therapy professionals on the platform specialize in offering services such as marriage counseling, social workers services, family therapy, psychology, and general counseling. Sending messages is seamless, and you can opt to contact your therapist via a video call and voice call.

Users of the platform can view therapists’ credentials and qualifications listed on the platform and eventually choose the most suitable one to address their problems. All the therapists on the platform are vetted thoroughly to ensure only licensed and experienced therapists are on the platform.

After signing up and filling your details along with the condition of your mental health, the app will match youOpens in a new tab. with a therapist who will consequently introduce themselves to you. At this point, you get to verify the credentials and qualifications of the profession to determine if you can proceed with them. 

In case you are not satisfied with your match, you can choose the option for re-assigning, and you will be taken back to the pool, and the app will choose another therapist for you.

The app has gone a step further to beef up the security of its users and therapists. There is an extra security feature where you can set your access pin to ensure only you or those authorized can access your account information. The entire therapy business requires a lot of discretion and privacy for the client, so it should not surprise having an extra security feature.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Provides extra security features for privacy purposes
  • You get to control who will provide therapy to you
  • Available for use across the world

iPrevailOpens in a new tab.

iPrevail is a popular appOpens in a new tab. for connecting prospecting clients with a team of highly-qualified psychologists and therapists. The average price for a 25-minute therapy is $125. A 50-minute therapy session can cost up to $180 for a single session. 

The platform also provides psychiatric treatmentsOpens in a new tab.. An appointment with a psychiatrist on the platform can cost up to $300 for a one-hour therapy session. You can access the app on any available stores; Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Microsoft Store.

iPrevail provides treatment via video call and voice call and covers a range of health issues. The most vital areas the apps specialize in are family counseling, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and pregnancy counseling.

Users of the application get to schedule an appointment by selecting a psychologist or therapist available in your state and choosing a schedule that both parties will be available for a session. 

You can also select the option of priority matching by urgency, where the app allocates one therapist for you. However, you are the one to make the final decision whether you want to proceed with them or not.

If you choose a therapist according to time, iPrevail will provide you with a calendar where you get to choose the most convenient time you will be available. The app will then show you the profiles of available therapists, and you get to choose the one that suits you most.


  • Allows use of your insurance policy in most states
  • Provides more than one option for selecting a therapists
  • Free blog with lots of information on mental health and body wellness
  • The app can be used from any part of the world
  • Fast and responsive customer care services

eTherapyProOpens in a new tab.

eTherapyPro is an online app that offers bothOpens in a new tab. medical and mental health care via voice and video calls. The app charges an average of $99 for a therapy session with one of their counselors, therapists, or psychiatrist. The initial cost for a psychiatrist session via the app costs an average of $250, but the price can change depending on the season and available discounts.

The app allows its users to use their insurance covers to cater to their therapy sessions and a range of other discounts on their services. However, for the insurance part, you should first confirm in the initial registration stage if your insurance will cover your treatment. Also, some states are limited regarding whether the psychiatrist or psychologist should use your insurance policy.

Downloading the app is easy and free on all stores for different mobile operating systems. All the service providers are verified and board-licensed professionals with doctorate-level degrees. After registering on the platform, you will be taken through a short survey to identify the actual mental health issue you are going through.

The app will then proceed to identify the best possible therapist who will take you through a session. However, you can still get to confirm if you want to proceed with the therapist or not. Using the app is easy, thanks to its integrated user interface that makes it easy for you to navigate the menu bar.

Perhaps you are not aware of the mental health condition that is ailing you; well, worry no more. eTherapyPro has a drop-down menu composed of easy questions that will help you arrive at the best possible solution. 

The detailed intake process will ask you a range of information about your previously diagnosed mental health conditions, admission to hospital, family history, and other personal information such as your blood sugar status, blood pressure, weight, and menstrual cycle.


  • Has a thorough examination that increases the chances of finding the actual problem
  • Easy to use interface
  • Allows the use of insurance according to state
  • A large number of health professionals with different qualifications

7 Cups of TeaOpens in a new tab.

7 Cups is an online application that provides medical solutions to various health conditions with a mental health specialization and care specialization. The app has a monthly subscription fee of around $150 and is free to download on all app stores.

Users of the appOpens in a new tab. can access medical support with their insurance cover but are advised to check with the state’s regulations on insurance policies. The application has extensive self-help tools available through the free chat, where users are assigned volunteer listeners who take them through the entire process of finding the right therapist.

The listeners will take you through key topics such as self-esteem, grief, stress, and eating disorders. You can choose to follow listeners or a therapist. In case you select the option of a therapist, you will be taken to a private chat room where you are assigned a therapist that will take you through the entire session. 

In the private chat room, you will be asked additional information such as your age, location, previous medical reports, gender, and self-care habits.

7 Cups have stated on their official website and app that their therapists are licensed, but on the terms and conditions of service, they have a clause stating that they do not verify therapists’ credentials, background, and skills. However, users can verify the doctor’s profile before moving forward to book a therapy session.

When you register on 7 Cups, you will go through a series of questions with a bot. The bot helps you identify the main health problem you face and help you determine the best therapist to take you through a session.


  • The presence of listeners helps improve the customer care experience
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can get funding if you have financial challenges
  • Available in all states and can be used from any part of the world

TalkspaceOpens in a new tab.

The cost of accessing unlimited messaging on Talkspace is $65 per week and can vary depending on the state and plan that you choose. One of the popular plans on Talkspace is the video sessions, which costs between $69 to $100. If you have an insurance plan, try finding out if it’s acceptable or not. Talkspace is free to download and is available on all app stores for various operating systems.

Talkspace specializes in offering counseling, social works, marriage advice, psychiatrist, and mental therapy sessions via a messaging platform and video calls. Psychiatrists’ sessions are only allowed to take place via video call.  

The app boasts of professional and licensed therapists that are located in any stateOpens in a new tab. and county. When you register on the platform, you will be matched with a “matching agent” who will ask you several questions. The questions revolve around simple personal details such as your age, location, health history, and how you feel about different situations.

After answering the diagnosis questions, you are then taken to the payment platform to choose a plan. After payment, the agent will then match you with a therapist who will take you through a session at your own chosen time.

The app has a progress tracker that helps you save and keep reminders of your progress. Also, there are tools to help you view your therapy journeyOpens in a new tab. and other tips to recover fully.


  • Active customer care services
  • Contains tools to track your performance and recovery process
  • User-friendly interface

BetterHelpOpens in a new tab.

Betterhelp is an app that helps its users connect to a therapist based on their response to a question availed to them after registration. 

The primary qualifications to join the platform are at least three years of experience and a minimum of 2000 hours of working experience. If you feel unsatisfied with the assigned therapist, the app allows you to switch to other counselors to be a good fit for you.

It’s not easy for a therapist to diagnose a problem via the messaging platform. Users who want a more patient-centered therapy session can opt for the video call option to engage the therapist on a one-on-one basis. The use of video is more effective and fast than messaging. Other options, such as texting and phone sessions, allow you to explore for maximum benefit.


  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • An extra option for users to remain anonymous
  • Affordable packages
  • The app is reputable for solving mental health issues effectively and fast

LarkrOpens in a new tab.

Larkr provides video talk sessions costing an average of $85 per session. One thing that makes Larkr stand out is the lack of subscription fees. After signing up for the first time on the platform, you will be ushered to the app’s artificial intelligence system that will match you with the best possible therapist according to the information you provided.

It has a section for providing self-care to its users. Again, self-care services are provided for free on the platform even before signing up. The self-care program can be accessed even before signing up with the app. Self-care on the app involves health aspects such as mood tracking and journaling. The app keeps a record of your responses to various questions and will later use the data to help you find a therapist.

The app has taken privacy and security enhancement features to a whole new level with the option of anonymous login on the platform. Another third party can’t access or view your profile except with your permission. The app has therapy packagesOpens in a new tab. for teens and young adults who are assigned specialized therapists that deal with psychological problems revolving around teenagers.


  • Have many therapists spread across different states
  • Users are allowed to submit their insurance for reimbursement
  • No monthly subscriptions fee
  • Easy to use interface

ReGainOpens in a new tab.

Are you having trouble with the love of your life? Well, ReGain has got your back and maybe the most practical solution to solving your relationship issues. ReGain specializes mainly in matters that revolve around marriage, pregnancy therapy, and teen therapy.

The app allows couples to share a single account during a live session with a therapist. During the therapy session, both partners are asked to ask questions based on their issues as individuals, and the therapist provides a solution to the problems listed. However, the app has distanced itself from offering therapy to couplesOpens in a new tab. who might have had physical abuse in their relationship.


  • Therapy is effective as it mostly does not involve real-time communication with the therapist
  • Affordable for both partners since they only share a single account
  • Each partner can always go back and read the questions from their better half and get to see the response of the therapist
  • Guaranteed privacy protection with the extra features that help you remain anonymous

Teen CounselingOpens in a new tab.

Just like the name suggests, Teen Counseling deals with users aged between ages 13 to 19. The app is popular among teenagers due to its ability to give teenagers unrestricted access to a therapist without involving their parents or guardians. 

With Teen Counselling, you can opt to go fully anonymous with the extra privacy feature that hides your details from everybody.

After signing up on Teen Counselling, you will be taken directly to a private chat room, which your therapist will only access. You can also always go back to your account and access previous conversations and answers to your questions.

Teen Counselling is available 24/7 throughout the year. It’s even possible to contact a therapist in the middle of the night. Teens using the platform can use audio calls and video calls by booking a therapist for a sessionOpens in a new tab..

The app respects the space between its users and their parents. Therefore, parents are kept out of any discussions or information that the teen gives to the therapist. However, if there is a high risk of self-harm or endangering others’ lives, immediate actions are taken, and the parents are notified promptly.

Addictions include daily habits like taking alcoholic drinks, smoking, hard drugs, and addiction to television. With this app, it is possible to say goodbye to all the bad habits in your life.

Also, the process of flashing back our memories during the therapy session will help you manage anxiety issues; help you face challenges and negative emotions. 

Therapy sessions on the app cost between $40 and $70 for a week. The platform does not charge any monthly subscription fee. However, Teen Counselling does not accept insurance from its users as a mode of covering therapy expenses.

The app boasts of over 3000 therapists that are state-licensed and experienced in different mental health conditions. Teens that use the platform have the option of choosing their preferred method of communicating with their therapist. These include live chatting, texting, and the use of audio and video calls.


  • Easy to use platform
  • Intensive examination process that is very effective
  • No monthly subscription

MoodpathOpens in a new tab.

The app is ideal for those suffering from depression and is not sure of their moods. The platform provides mental health evaluation that helps you make a clear judgment on whether to book a therapist. The evaluation process is different from that of other apps; it merely involves asking a newly signed user to reflect on their activities and thoughts for the last two weeks.

Moodpath will go a long way in establishing whether or not your body is emotionally balanced. In most cases, users get a match with a therapist who takes them through the entire therapy session. There are over 150 tools that can help users access extra services such as self-care.

Moodpath therapy app is ideal for those who want to quit bad habits and addictions. These kinds of addictions include daily habits like taking alcoholic drinks, smoking, hard drugs, and addiction to television. With this app, it is possible to say goodbye to all the bad habits in your life.

Also, the process of flashing back our memories during the therapy session will help you manage anxiety issues; help you face challenges and negative emotions. 


  • Easy to use platform
  • Intensive examination process that is very effective
  • No monthly subscription

SuperBetterOpens in a new tab.

Reading self-help books and talking to a therapist through an app is not everybody’s preferred way of seeking therapy. A large group of people fears opening up to others due to their reasons and preferences. Well, if you belong to this category, then SuperBetter, a game app, may work for you.

SuperBetter is a game designed to make its user’s mental health better. The app is made to increase your ability to withstand negative emotions, staying resilient and motivated even when faced with difficulties.

The idea behind the whole concept is that once you develop those skills inside the game, they can get into your subconscious mind in your real-life and consequently help you overcome previous challenges you found challenging to go through.

Users are encouraged to play the game daily and consistently for 30 days. The main aim is to develop new characters and habits that will make you motivated and optimistic about facing your fears. After the 30 days, your mood and overall well-being will have improved by a considerable margin. Also, the game is very effective in reducing anxiety, depression, and helps increase your self-confidence.


  • Fun and engaging to use
  • Open for use by people of all ages
  • A perfect tool for those who want to habits such as smoking
  • No monthly subscription fees


With increased technological advancement and demand for psychological help, it is possible to locate a therapist in your neighborhood and conduct a session from the comfort of your bed or sofa.

Therapy appsOpens in a new tab. are great for people of all ages and statuses. You may find it hard to visit your local therapist and open up to them due to privacy and discretion issues. However, you can always contact a therapist online with little or no reason to worry about your privacy. 

Therapy apps provide you with a range of communication tools and help you identify your current mental health condition and assign you the best therapist available.

The self-help feature helps you find the best possible solution to your mental health condition without spending a single dime. Also, the average cost of having a therapy session on a therapy app is far much lower than that of typical therapy sessions.

Ginger.io App: An Honest ReviewOpens in a new tab.


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