BlahTherapy 👨‍⚕️💻 An Honest Review (Cost, Effectiveness, Safety)

The world is continuously changing, and with that means facing uncertain times. Anxiety and stress are common these days, given the various financial and social challenges we face daily. While it may be costly and time limiting to visit therapists in person, there’s an emergence of online therapy sessions for anyone looking for support. 

Blahtherapy is a platform that allows you to vent and get heard while maintaining anonymity. The platform has a two-tiered system that you can access for free or the paid program that connects you to a licensed and professional therapist for guided options tailored to your circumstances.

Read on to learn more about what makes BlahTherapy a reliable resource, what the paid program costs, and what sets this platform different from other online therapy sessions. 

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What Is BlahTherapy?

BlahTherapy is a website that enables you to connect with, vent, and open up to someone anonymous in a chat room-like environment. The person you talk to acts as a listener and you as the venter. 

The platform has forums where you can post a question or a topic that you’d like addressed. Any person on the site can respond. Blahtherapy also allows for individual anonymous chats. Note that although BlahTherapy is free to use, they seek talk therapy from BetterHelp at a cost.

What Are Things Discussed on BlahTherapy?

The platform invites you to talk about any issues you may be having. Nonetheless, some of the popular topics on this platform include:

  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Abuse
  • Bullying
  • Careers
  • Parenting
  • Grieving
  • Eating disorders
  • Marriage
  • Mental disorders
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Sexuality
  • Phobias
  • Social anxiety
  • Self-harm 

How Does BlahTherapy Work?

BlahTherapy has three options, and you need to choose which one works for you. These options include free chat, free forums, and paid therapy. Here’s a breakdown of these options.

Free Chat

BlahTherapy has a free chat option for people who would like to vent out to an anonymous person who also acts as a listener at any time. You don’t need to sign up or register to use this free chat option. The sign up for a chat option is also available.

Note that wait times may differ for the chat, but there’s always someone available to speak to no matter the time you log in. Unlike some webcam chat sites, BlahTherapy doesn’t have indecent video streams as the platform is text-based only. 

You can let any frustrations out of your chest as listeners do not know you, and you may never interact with them again. The free chat can be disconnected if you feel that someone reacts uncomfortably. You can also disconnect when you feel someone has started judging you. BlahTherapy’s free chat is perfect for letting out those bottled up emotions that can cause distress. 

Some people find it therapeutic to listen to other people’s problems. It’s a platform that you can use when it’s challenging to vent to a friend, especially if the situation also involves your friend. 

However, the listeners on free chat have no professional training. Instead, they act as a friend for those times you need to be heard. The free chat option is ideal for anyone looking to discuss minor issues.

Moreover, you are not guaranteed that you’ll get a legitimate chat partner. Sometimes you may wait for a while before a listener comes on. The best thing is that you can always disconnect if you’re uncomfortable with the person you are chatting with. 

BlahTherapy states venting to a stranger can be dangerous if you are in a mentally sensitive state. They also indicate that by entering the chat, you understand that BlahTherapy is not liable for any conversation or advice during a chat session. 

How the Free Chat Option Works

When you log in to BlahTherapy, you’ll find the vent or listen to the chat tab at the top. Before proceeding to chat, you’ll need to agree to some conditions. You need to be at least 13 years or older and have parents’ consent to use the site. You need to understand that no action can be taken towards any claims made during the chat, as all users are anonymous.

As a venter, you should not be suicidal or homicidal. BlahTherapy encourages you to speak to a licensed therapist if you fall under these two categories. The site also states that free chat is meant for casual venting and not psychological therapy or mental illness diagnoses. Listeners shouldn’t perform the therapist’s role and should refer any user to seek help from a professional therapist if the situation permits it.

After agreeing to the set conditions, you can go ahead and press on the “I agree, Proceed to Chat” tab. 

Free Forums

The next option on BlahTherapy is the free forum. However, for you to post on the forums, you need to create an account. The best thing is that you can read the posts without an account. 

How the Free Forums Work

To sign up, you need a valid email address. Please create a username, choose the topics you are interested in talking about on BlahTherapy, and add a description of yourself in the about me section. 

The other option that BlahTherapy provides is paid therapy. If you need to access professional and experienced therapists’ services, you’ll need to part with $40-$70 a week. The paid therapy option is a partnership between BlahTherapy and BetterHelp. 

How Paid Therapy Works

Paid therapy gives you unlimited access to privately text, chat, or call a professional and licensed therapist online. To get started, you’ll need to fill out a questionnaire to help the platform assess your needs and match you to a Betterhelp counselor. 

The questionnaire seeks to understand what type of counseling you are looking for, teenage counseling, couple counseling, or individual counseling. You’ll also be asked about your age, your spiritual background, if you’ve attended counseling before, and other questions to help determine the best therapist for your needs. 

After filling out the questionnaire, you’ll be prompted to create a private account on BetterHelp. The platform will assess your information and match you with one of their 2,000 licensed therapists. You can always request the services of a different counselor when you like. The best thing about the paid therapy option is that you get unlimited sessions for a low subscription free. Talk to a therapist online when you need through video, phone, or messaging. 

Reputation of BlahTherapy

After scouring the internet for personal reviews, BlahTherapy doesn’t get a positive reputation. The platform has been criticized for connecting people with real concerns to people who could be facing similar issues, and allow the two to have a conversation. 

Mental health professionals have concerns about this way of doing things as they believe some visitors could be in challenging circumstances and could be receiving advice from unqualified people. That could end up worsening the situation instead of making it better. 

Previous users of BlahTherapy claim that the service is used by young people like highschool going teens and college individuals. That means you may be matched with a listener who doesn’t understand or share your problems. Nonetheless, the forum is considered reliable resources with representatives that are easy to access. 

On a positive note, most users noted that you are redirected to Betterhelp once you decide to speak to a licensed therapist. That site is designed with professionally qualified therapists and appears to have a positive reputation in the online counseling community. 

The Pros of BlahTherapy

Some of the pros of using BlahTherapy include:


BlahTherapy provides people around the world with online counseling sessions at no cost. Whether you’re in a position where you can’t visit a licensed therapist due to cost, you will have someone to chat with when you get online in a case where you live in remote areas. 

Moreover, you don’t have to part with a considerable amount of money when you opt for professional counseling services. The cost to connect to a licensed therapy is affordable compared to what you’d pay in a regular therapist session. 

The platform also encourages children and teens to consider therapy when they can’t talk to their parents, guardians, or teachers at school. It will be comfortable for them to use BlahTherapy as accessing the internet is easier for them. 

Straightforward Process

One of the best things about using BlahTherapy is that you don’t need to sign up when you need to vent. All that is required is to get on the website, click on the need to talk tab, agree to the set terms and conditions, and talk to a listener. 

Also, if you need to talk to a professional therapist, the process is transparent. You’ll need to fill out a questionnaire and create an account with your email address to get matched to a therapist. 

24/7 access

You don’t have to wait for a specific time to talk to a listener or therapist. BlahTherapy allows you to log in at any time and communicate with a listener or therapist as often as you need. Online therapy becomes a convenient avenue, as you can correspond with each other at your preferred time. The appointments can reach a more prominent geographic region and can be scheduled for over 24 hours. 

Counselor Matching

Another fantastic benefit of using BlahTherapy paid service is that you’re not allocated any therapist available. Better help, in collaboration with BlahTherapy, asks you to fill a questionnaire. Your response to these questions will help them match you with a therapist specific to your needs. 

Guaranteed Anonymity

BlahTherapy provides anonymous venting. That means you get a unique username together with your listener on the free chat option. No sign-up is required, and you get to keep all your information like an email address and your name private. 

Allows You to Be Yourself

If you are looking for someone to talk to without being judged, BlahTherapy provides an excellent platform. It’s a place that allows you to build your self-confidence by venting to people who won’t judge you. You can use this platform to vent when venting to someone close isn’t appropriate. 

Real Online Therapy

Sometimes talking about being suicidal or admitting that you are depressed to a stranger can be challenging. Fortunately, BlahTherapy provides an option where you can access real online therapy from experienced and qualified therapists. You can get trusted guidance, advice, and counseling for mental illness, health, depression, relationships, marriage, and more. What’s more, you get to art with a low fee for unlimited sessions, which is a plus. 

Drawbacks of BlahTherapy

Some of the disadvantages of using BlahTherapy include:

Listeners Are Not Qualified-Therapists

Although BlahTherapy provides a unique platform for you to vent, the listeners are not qualified health professionals. You need to understand this when talking to a listener. It’s similar to the way you’d get advice from an acquaintance you met at the store. Listeners are people like you and only have an interest in listening. 

No Guarantee of Getting a Chat Partner

It’s essential to note that you may not immediately get a legitimate chat partner. Sometimes you may be judged, but this is expected as listeners are people like you. The good thing is that you can use the Disconnect button if you feel uncomfortable with the person you speak to. 

The Interaction May Not Be Private

While BlahTherapy claims to be anonymous and private, it’s not entirely private. A good example is where a YouTuber user recorded his interactions with Chatroulette, an anonymous site where users can chat on audio, text, and webcam.  

There’s no assurance that the listener will keep the venting session private. It’s a risk that you need to understand when talking to a listener. Another point to note is that not all participants may follow the rules and keep things PG because the site is text-based and feels safer. Some users have indicated that uncomfortable behavior and trolling are typical on anonymous chats. 

Exposure to Ethical Issues

Despite BlahTherapy being a large and growing platform, the exposure to legal and ethical codes manifest itself. A good example is a case where a therapist doesn’t know where the client is located. That means if the client were in an emergency and needed immediate help, it would be difficult to send them help on time. 

Is BlahTherapy Safe?

BlahTherapy isn’t 100% safe as it doesn’t seem to have a robust security system to keep all the information shared safely. On their FAQ page, BlahTherapy states that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any login information associated with any account you use to get access to their resources. They also state that you are responsible for all activities that happen under your account/s. 

Is BlahTherapy Anonymous?

One of the concerns you may have about online therapy platforms is whether they respect your privacy and anonymity. Although you can choose to be anonymous on BlahTherapy, the platform doesn’t have a robust security mechanism to keep all the information exchanged private and confidential.

How Much Does BlahTherapy Cost?

BlahTherapy is entirely free for use on the chat on forums. However, when you opt for professional therapy via BetterHelp, you’ll have to part with $40 to $70 a week, depending on your sessions. The best thing about the paid version is that you can always speak to a qualified therapist on call, message, or through the chat option at whatever time you prefer. 

Refund Policy

BlahTherapy doesn’t provide any refund policy as the visitors aren’t charged any fees. The platform partners with BlahTherapy to provide professional counseling services. That means if you opt for paid services, you’ll need to contact BetterHelp for information on any cancellations, refund policies, or guarantees. 

Tips for Being a Listener on BlahTherapy

Let’s be honest, and there’s nothing like being a perfect liner as we’re all prone to mistakes due to our human nature. However, if you plan on being a listener on BlahTherapy, here are some tips that will ensure you enjoy the process.

Remember It’s Not About You

As a listener, you may also have your problems and issues dealing with real life. While in this position, you are volunteering to give unbiased wisdom regardless of your problems. It’s essential to remember that when helping someone, you may also get help in the process. 

Always Be Positive

Sometimes you may encounter people who need tough love, and you may be tempted to say something harsh. Unfortunately, this won’t achieve anything as you can’t degrade or shame someone into improving. Some venters have no positive outlook for themselves and could use some positive affirmation to enhance their lives.

Give the Venter Space

Venters are not always ready to open up and may need a little more time. Start by asking the venter how he/she is doing, their experiences, their daily lives, and other things to get them to open up. Remember that empathy takes time, which is why you need to have at least ten mines to spend as a listener. 

Be Emotionally Intelligent

Venters are emotional people, and although you may be tempted to be logical and be direct to the point, sometimes, this may not be the best approach. Treat the venter considering their emotions and validate their feelings to help them trust you and open up. 

Understand That You May Have to Play Both Roles

It’s challenging to playtime the role of a listener without exchanging some niceties with the other party. Sometimes you may also need to do some venting. Understanding that you may be handling both roles is critical, as you may need to refer a venter to another listener. 

BlahTherapy Alternatives

If you’ve tried BlahTherapy and feel like it isn’t the platform for you, you can try other online therapy platforms. Some alternatives to consider include:


BetterHelp is one of the largest online therapy providers in the world, with over 2000 licensed therapists. Clients can access the platform directly, or they can use the free therapy app. One feature that makes BetterHelp unique compared to BlahTherapy is that it allows you to choose a therapist’s attributes and qualifications.

You get to choose a therapist based on their religion, gender, race, personality, communication style, experience working with specific issues, and therapy types like interpersonal, cognitive behavior therapy, or person-centered therapy. 

Although BetterHelp doesn’t offer free therapy, they provide a 10% discount for new clients and financial assistance to anyone who cannot afford counseling services. Their rates start at $35 a week and can go up to $70 a week, with unlimited messaging, video live therapy sessions and a weekly phone call. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

Another aspect that makes them different from BlahTherapy is that they have the platform works on a PC, and you can also download the app on Android and iOS. You choose which platform best works for you. 

To get started, you’ll be connected to an online matchmaker through a text exchange. He/she will ask you some questions like seeking therapy, your therapy history, what things you may be looking for in a therapist, among other problems. You’ll be matched with a therapist within 24 hours. 

Furthermore, BetterHelp gives you access to group therapy sessions for more than ten topics, and all this is included in your fee. 

7 Cups of Tea

7 Cups of Tea is another mental health service that allows its members and guests to connect. The listeners are trained to address mental health issues and help the guests tackle their problems. The site is geared towards teens, where the listeners connect to them through text chat and community forums. 

However, like BlahTherapy, the listeners are peers and not professionals. They have no mental health training; their only work is to listen to what is shared and provide support like a friend. 

Another difference between the two platforms is that although chatting with listeners and in group chats is free, members can have an ongoing message thread with a trained therapist when they pay $150 a month. You can opt to remain anonymous, whether you message a therapist or peers. 

The platform allows you to track your progress on your profile and complete self-growth exercises. Once you opt for the paid plan, you get two messages a day for five days from a trained therapist. That is less compared to what you get via the BlahTherapy paid option. Another downside is that messaging is the only form of communication you’ll get from 7 cups of tea therapists. 

They also don’t provide any explanation on the therapist vetting process like BetterHelp. Communication is sporadic, and you may find it challenging to connect during the two-hour session weekly like you would with BlahTherapy sessions. 


Talkspace is another online therapy platform with close to a million people. The platform is used for counseling on depression, anxiety, physical/emotional abuse, couples therapy, phobias, and more. 

Unlike BlahTherapy, with an unverified number of therapists, Talkspace has over 3000 certified and licensed therapists. To get started, you can download the app on your phone or click on the website and dill in some details like your email and password. 

The sign-up process is user-friendly and intuitive. After signing up, you’ll go into a chat space where you’ll get with a consultation therapist who will ask you some questions that will help him/her match you to a licensed therapist that is tailored to your needs. 

Each therapist undergoes training in online therapy and must go through a background check. Users found that Talkspace’s app and email alerts were better compared to those of Betterhelp’s system. 

Talkspace costs about $200 a month, but this amount varies depending on the type of therapy you choose and the number of sessions. When you opt for unlimited audio, text, and messaging, you’ll part with $59 a week, and with limited audio, video, and chat messages, and you’ll pay $49 a week. 

On the downside, some users noted that a few therapists only offer short responses when you opt for the limited subscription plan. They also feel that some therapists provided replies that seemed automated rather than human-generated. It could take a few days to get matched to a therapist, and you’re required to sign up for services for a whole month at a time. You can read more about how Talkspace compares with Betterhelp in our detailed review here.


BlahTherapy is a convenient online therapy platform that gives you two options, one to talk to a listener for free and the second where you part with some fee and get access to a qualified therapist 24/7. 

The best part is that you don’t need to sign up for this service. On the downside, the listeners aren’t qualified or trained listeners, which means you need to be careful while speaking to someone in a fragile condition. Nonetheless, you can opt for the free chat option if you’re only looking to vent. 

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