Can You Use King Pillows On A Queen Bed? 👑

Pillows are the second most important feature in your bed, only behind your mattress. After buying a matching-sized new pillow for yourself to sleep with every night after purchasing a mattress, it is time to consider its coverings.

You can use king-sized pillows on a queen-size bed, but whether you should do it or not depends on your sleeping style and personal preference, as your pillow size and arrangement will affect your quality of sleep.

Pillows come in various shapes and sizes, and choosing among them can be a daunting task. That is why we must learn the types of sizes that pillows are usually available in.

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Different Pillow Sizes

While sizes may vary from brand to brand, pillows are usually categorized into four categories based on their length and width. These types are standard size pillows, queen size pillows, king size pillows, and body size pillows.

Standard Size Pillow

It is by far the most common size for pillows. A standard-sized pillow is about 20 inches by 26 inches in size. Pillows are not very efficient for people who like shifting positions during sleep. If you are someone who usually tosses around a lot in sleep, then it is possible that you could easily slide off of these pillows, and it may result in body aches when you wake up.

However, if you are someone who sleeps on their back or their stomach, then this kind of pillow could be an excellent choice for you. 

A standard-sized pillow should easily fit across a twin bed. But to fill up a queen bed, you would need two of these kinds of pillows. However, if you want to use the standard size for king-sized beds, you will need three of these.

Some companies approach the standard option in a slightly different manner. They sell what a super standard pillow is. This size has the same width at 20 inches but has an additional 2 inches added to it.s length making it 28 inches long. Since these pillows are not much bigger than the standard ones, they fit snugly within standard-sized pillowcases, usually 21 inches wide and 30-32 inches long.

Queen Size Pillow

The queen size is slightly larger compared to the standard size in terms of length. The width of queen-sized pillows is the same as that of standard pillows at 20 inches. But the length is much greater, ranging up to 30 inches.

Now, if you have noticed, you would see that the size of a queen pillow is almost the same as the size of a standard-size pillowcase. That is why it is possible to fit a queen-size pillow if one chooses to do so. However, it will be very snug and may take away the pillow’s softness a little bit.

The standard size and the king-size are the most popular types of pillowcases available for purchase. Therefore, queen-sized pillowcases are not very prevalent in the market as there is little demand for them. But some companies may still have them in stock though you will probably have to look around for them a little bit.

The queen-sized pillow can be placed across a standard bed very easily. This size will perfectly fit if you decide to place two of these in a queen-sized bed. They will be snug with little to no space in between. It is the best choice if you have a queen-size bed and a habit of moving around in bed.

You can also fit these queen-sized pillows in a king bed, but you should be aware that there will be some space between the pillows. That wouldn’t be a problem if you sleep on your back or your stomach, but if you move around a lot, then consider getting king-size pillows.

King Size Pillow

The king-sized pillows are some of the largest ones available. The king pillow has a width of 20 inches. However, the length extends up to 6 inches and totals 36 inches for this type of pillow. These are the best options for people who toss around a lot in bed.

These pillows also provide great lumbar support! Due to their long lengths, they can be used to rest your back on while you lit up in bed to read a book or work on your laptop. 

One king-sized pillow should be enough to cover a full or twin-sized bed. These pillows are perfect for a king-sized bed. You can comfortably fit two king-sized pillows on a bed of this size. Not only that, but these pillows also fit very tightly in queen-sized beds, so they can be great for people who move around a lot.

These pillows fit inside pillowcases that are 20-21 inches wide and 36-41 inches long.

Body Size Pillows

These are the longest of the common types of pillows available in the market. This, too, has a width of 20 inches. However, the length of this pillow is a formidable 54 inches! 

These pillows work great as side pillows. As these fit the shape of your body, they make a great companion for side sleepers by providing the necessary support required while sleeping.

These pillows work great for pregnant women to put them under their bodies to support their babies. These also prevent the women from turning around and thus preventing a rollover. Side sleeping is the best sleeping position during pregnancy, and a body pillow helps sleep sideways in the most comfortable way possible.

Body pillowsOpens in a new tab. are rare to find and are sometimes unavailable. That is why some people often use king-size pillows as substitutes for body pillows. King-sized pillows are a lot shorter than body pillows, but they too can do the job up to a great extent. However, it could be hard to find pillowcases for these pillows as they tend to be rarely used.

Can You Use King Pillows On A Queen Bed?

You can use king pillows on a queen bed. However, it may not be something you want to do, depending on your sleeping habits. King pillows fit very snugly on queen beds, and there is usually no room between the pillows. If you prefer sleeping on your back or stomach, the size of your pillow won’t make much of a difference in how you sleep.

If you or your partner prefer personal space while sleeping, you should consider smaller-sized pillows. However, if you are someone who moves around a lot during sleep, this can be the perfect size for your queen bed as you will have enough pillows to move around in without having to suffer from neck pains.

While it is wonderful to use king pillows on a queen bed, should you do it? The choice of which pillow you elect to use depends on your needs and requirements. These needs vary from person to person, and therefore different types of pillows are suitable for different people.

Things To Consider While Choosing A Pillow For Your Bed

Here are a few things that you need to take into consideration before purchasing pillows for your bed:


The materials you choose that make up your pillow can make it break your pillow. Pillows are available in various kinds of materials, and each caters to different kinds of users. Here is a list of a few materials that you could consider for your pillow:

Memory Foam Pillows

They are dense and have a high viscosity. They help with neck pain, are durable and quiet. NASA invented memory foam.

It may release smelly fumes, is quite heavy to move around, and is a bit expensive.

Shredded Memory Foam

This is the same as memory foam pillows but contains shredded inside. Everything said for the memory foam also applies to shredded foam, except it does not hold its shape and is more malleable. A lot of manufacturers also allow you to fill the pillow yourself!

Feather Pillow

Feathers are well known for being light and soft. Pillows made out of feathers are no different. They can be fluffed into shape every day. Easy to wash and is breathable. Very durable, easy to wash and dry, and lasts for decades.

It might sink at night, causing neck and posture problems. The feather quills might also hurt you! That is not suitable for people with sensitive skin or back.

Down Pillows

Down pillows are the same as feather pillows, except they have a layer of foam insulation inside the pile of feathers. These have adjustable firmness, good air ventilation, and are very light in weight.

Not very durable and are not cruelty-free. These pillows are prone to wear, can absorb sweat, and threaten the lives of birds.

Polyester Fiberfill Pillows

This is another one of the popularly used pillows. These pillows are made of artificial polyester fiber invented in the 1950s and are still widely used worldwide.

Soft, smell free and very affordable! They are easy to wash and are adjustable in terms of firmness. Great for busy parents! However, it is not too good for the environment. It also has low air circulation and is prone to wear.

Buckwheat Pillows

These are pillows stuffed with hard buckwheat seeds. They have been used in Eastern Asia for a while now and have recently increased in popularity in the West.

They are breathable, provide good support, and are extremely environment-friendly! However, they can be hard to use for light sleepers and are too heavy to carry around.

Water Pillow

This is a rather unconventional pick but is surprisingly more popular than you would think. These pillows are made of a polyester outer layer and an inner layer partially filled with water.

Water pillows tend to stay cold at night and thus are very helpful to people who suffer from heat in warm climates. Water pillows can also help you sleep better as they mold to the shape of your neck. Not only that, but the firmness of these pillows is also adjustable! But unfortunately, they are heavy and expensive. But if you can get over that con, they are amazing!

Your Sleeping Habit

Most people do not sleep in the same manner. The sleeping requirements and habits of each individual are different from the others. The type of pillow you choose to use should also be based on your sleeping habits. 

Side sleepers sleep on one of their sides, while people who sleep on their stomachs tend to squish their pillows at night to preserve their softness. Some may feel that the king and queen-sized pillows are too firm, while others may want a long body pillow to sleep on their sides.

The size of the pillow you choose should also depend on the way you sleep. Here is why you should be choosing different sizes:

  • Standard Pillows: This is the default size. It should suffice for most people. However, if you move around too much, you should consider a different size.
  • Queen Pillows: This is good for people who toss and turn in their sleep as it provides sufficient room to do so.
  • King Pillows: These are specially designed with large beds in mind. If you and your partner move around a lot or feel that queen size is not quite enough, you should go for this size!

Your Body Type

Your body typeOpens in a new tab. is also something to keep in mind before purchasing a pillow for yourself. Although it usually goes unnoticed, the pillow’s height plays a significant role in getting a decent night’s sleep. If you do not adjust the height properly, you might have back and neck pain in the morning.

People with short builds should consider a pillow that is 4 inches or less. People of a medium build should consider pillows that range from four to five inches high, and taller people should always choose 5 inches and higher pillows! That should help you to avoid neck pains in the morning.


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I hope this article helped provide you with a better understanding of pillows and how to choose one for your bedroom. While you can pair pillows of any size with any bed, you should still consider other things before doing so, the pillow’s height, or it could lead to discomfort, daytime sleepiness, and even snoring!


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