10 Ways To Keep A Pillow From Falling Off Your Bed 🛏️

There is possibly nothing so annoying as a pillow falling off your bed and onto the floor. The floor is always covered in bacteria, no matter how many times you might clean it, given that people are constantly walking across it. And now, your pillow, the thing you put your face on at night, has just touched the last place you want it to. 

So, while there are a number of reasons your pillow is falling off your bed, thankfully, there are just as many ways you can avoid letting it fall. Read on to learn more!

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Use a Wedge Pillow 

Do you know that space between the headboard and your mattress? That can sometimes cause your pillow to slip down, only to wind up on the floor, under your bed.

This can be so frustrating that it may seem as if the headboard gap is just there to annoy you. The truth is, the headboard gap is there to help you refit the sheetsOpens in a new tab. more easily. When you’re putting the sheets on a mattress, your hands have to go around the edges, and a headboard that’s too close to the mattress will prevent you from doing so, which is why there is a gap there.

If you’re a person who sleeps with their head close to the headboard, this can result in your pillow getting pushed down the gap and onto the floor. But there are solutions to this problem.

A wedge pillow is a pillow that is explicitly designed to prevent your pillow from sliding down the dreaded headboard gap and to the floor. It can be removed and replaced when refitting the sheets, meaning that you get to keep the convenience of the headboard gap while avoiding its inconveniences. 

Here are some great wedge pillows from Amazon to check out:

  • SnugStop the Bed Wedge Pillow Stopper: This wedge pillow comes complete with a removable, machine washable pillowcase, or you can buy a custom pillowcase so that it matches your sheets. It also comes in many sizes, from twin to king, so there’s a decent selection for all your gap-filling needs.
SnugStop The Original Bed Wedge | Gap Filler Between Your Headboard and Mattress | Triangle Pillow... Opens in a new tab.
  • Fill the Gap: Stop losing sleep and close the gap between your headboard pillow or wall and mattress...
  • Material: Snug Stop Mattress triangle pillow wedge is made of high-density foam large pillows for...
  • What’s Included: Includes removable machine washable SnugStop Pillowcase that easily unzips and we...

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  • Kolb’s Bed Wedge Pillow: This is a memory foam wedge pillow that you can both sleep on and block the headboard gap so that things aside from your pillows won’t slip to the floor. It also aids people who have trouble sleeping, acid reflux, and even heartburn.
Kӧlbs Bed Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam Top | Chic Jacquard Cover | Wedge Pillow for Sleeping and... Opens in a new tab.
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE BED WEDGE PILLOW, SNORING PILLOW: Available in 2 height options – 7.5 inch and...
  • LUXURIOUS AND STYLISH JACQUARD PILLOW CASE: Hey it’s your bedroom, not a hospital room, give it...
  • MEMORY FOAM TOP LAYER: The upper layer of the pillow wedge features a 1.5” plush memory foam for a...

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  • Sunyrisy Bed Wedge Pillow Gap Filler: This wedge pillow comes with a little pocket on the side, so not only will it keep your pillows from falling, but you can also store things in it, such as a remote control, a smartphone, or lip balm. Who can say no to extra and convenient storage? This one comes in king size, so you may want to buy a converter kit if you’re buying it for a different bed.
SUNYRISY King Size (76"×8"×6") Bed Wedge Mattress Wedge Pillow Gap Filler, Headboard Pillow to...
  • Excellent Mattress Gap Filler -- This triangular V shape bed mattress wedge pillow well suits your...
  • Multiple Usage -- This headboard pillow can be full used to provide you with better shopping...
  • Bonus Side Pocket -- This mattress wedge pillow includes a durable side pocket for placing the...

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Get More Pillows

This one sounds strange, but if you don’t want to buy a wedge stop pillow, just buy another regular pillow and cram it down in the headboard gap. Then put your other regular pillows on top of it.

Beckham Hotel Collection pillows are reasonably priced and come two to a set. You could cram them down into the headboard gap side-by-side, creating a blockage that prevents your pillow from slipping through and falling to the floor. 

These pillows are available for both king-size and queen-size mattresses.

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows Standard / Queen Size Set of 2 - Down Alternative Bedding Gel... Opens in a new tab.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT - Queen pillows have a 250 thread count cover filled with a soft down alternative....
  • KEEP COOL - If you easily overheat, or maybe you're looking for cool queen size pillows for night...
  • SAFE & SOUND - These fluffy bed pillows are made in an OEKO-TEX Standard Certified factory that...

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You could even use other types of pillows, such as body pillowsOpens in a new tab.. A body pillow is elongated to support the entire body during sleep. In this instance, a body pillow would be ideal for blocking a headboard gap given its long, thin shape.

The Snuggle-Pedic Body Pillow is a memory foam body pillow designed to support the body in multiple positions. But what’s important in this context is stopping up the headboard gap. When turned sideways, the body pillow is about long enough to fill the entire gap.

Snuggle-Pedic 20x54 Body Pillow - Cooling Bamboo & Memory Foam for Pregnancy, Side Sleepers
  • SOFT MEMORY FOAM - Our body pillows for adults use shredded foam to keep you supported, no matter...
  • OEKO-TEX & CertiPUR-US CERTIFIED - Rest easy knowing this long body pillow is put under strict...
  • CHIROPRACTOR DESIGNED - Sleep tight and melt the stress away with a big pillow that's been developed...

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Instead of using pillows, you could also do this with clothes, old blankets, or small throw pillows. Just cram them down in the headboard gap to stop the pillows from falling, and then cover the crammed items with a sheet and pillows.

Anti-Slip Mats

As the name suggests, an anti-slip mat is a mat that you would put under your pillow to keep it from slipping and is ideal for people who sleep on satin pillowcases. As comfortable as it is, satin is a very slippery fabric. 

The anti-slip mat will provide some grip to keep the satin from constantly sending your pillow to the floor. 

You can find an anti-slip mat for pretty cheap depending on the size of the roll. Thankfully, you don’t need a large roll of material for this. The Veken Non-Slip Rug will provide you with the grip you need at a reasonable price and with just enough material.

Veken Rug Gripper Pad for Hardwood Floors, Non Slip Rug Pads for Area Rugs, Thick Rug Grippers for... Opens in a new tab.
  • Non-slip Protection: Our pad's signature grip will keep rugs in place and prevent them from bunching...
  • Durable & Strong: Made with premium materials, our non-slip rug pads are long-lasting. Plus, enjoy...
  • Floor Protection: The rug pads help to avoid scratches made by daily life with the open grid...

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Slide Your Mattress Closer to the Headboard

Another solution to the headboard conundrum is to slide your mattress closer to the headboard. The downside to this solution is that it might prove strenuous to keep sliding a mattress back and forth every time you change the sheets. 

The wedge pillow solution will cost you a little money, but it might be the more straightforward solution in the long run.

Reposition the Furniture

This idea is sort of tricky, but you can arrange the furniture to block the pillow from falling off the bed. If you have a bedside table or a dresser, these can be used to block in your pillows by positioning them on either side of the bed.

Of course, this solution has its downsides. You could turn over in your sleep and hit your hand on the furniture because it’s too close to the bed, which can be painful and disrupt your sleep. Also, if the pillow slides against a bedside table, it can knock items off the surface, including glasses filled with fluids. 

Again, a tricky and risky solution, so it’s best to use this method with caution. 

If you’re going to use this solution, it’s best to have a nightstand that can actually block your pillow from falling. A square nightstand with drawers is ideal. 

Here are a few nightstands from Amazon that can get the job done:

  • Walker Edison Ella: This nightstand set is made of beautiful pine wood and comes two to a set with two “smooth opening” drawers each. The set is sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and has many positive reviews.
Walker Edison Ella Mid-Century Modern 2-Piece 2-Drawer Solid Wood Nightstand Set, 2 Pack, Caramel Opens in a new tab.
  • Solid pine wood for a sturdy frame
  • Responsibly harvested materials, Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step instructions
  • Two drawers to hold all your home goods

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  • Prepac Salt Spring Tall Night Stand: This wooden nightstand is ideal for blocking pillows because it’s so tall. It stands at 28” (71.12 cm) in height and comes in a beautiful variety of colors.
  • Prepac Milo Mid Century Modern Nightstand: Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more modern, there’s Prepac’s more modern two-drawer model. While it looks squat, it stands at 25” (7.62 cm) in height, which is still good enough to keep those pillows on the bed.
Prepac Milo 2-drawer Nightstand, White Opens in a new tab.
  • RETRO BEDROOM NIGHTSTAND: Features two drawers complete with ample storage space with four 8" long...
  • MAXIMIZES SPACE: The two sliding drawers and wide flat tabletop allow for storage of personal items
  • MANUFACTURED IN USA and CANADA: Made from non-toxic, CARB-2 compliant laminated composite woods, and...

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Put the Pillow Under the Sheets

This one is probably the more straightforward solution on the entire list, but you can put the pillow under the sheets. Then pull the sheets taut and tuck them under the mattress. Now your pillow is trapped in a web of fabric, unable to slide off onto the dirty floor. And the best part is that there is no downside.

Guard Rails

Guardrails are commonly known for children and can be attached to the sides of the bed as restraints. They’re designed to keep children from rolling onto the floor, but if you’re serious about preventing your pillows from sliding off the bed, there are guard rails for adults that might prove helpful. 

Here are some great guard rails from Amazon to keep those pillows in place:

  • Vive Bed Rail: This guardrail can be attached to any bed frame, is an affordable price, and will keep your pillow from falling to the floor. All you have to do is slide it under the mattress, no attachments are needed.
Vive Bed Rail - Compact Assist Railing for Elderly Seniors, Handicap, Kids - Standing Bar Handle... Opens in a new tab.
  • COMPACT BEDSIDE SUPPORT: Providing stabilizing support, the Vive compact bed rail is perfect for...
  • SECURE TO ANY BED FRAME: Suitable for any standard bed frame, the bed assist rail works with any bed...
  • ADJUSTABLE NON-SLIP RAIL: Padded with a soft, nonslip foam, the compact bed rail provides a...

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  • Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail: This guard rail has a grab bar that is designed to help the elderly get up from the bed, and comes with an organizer pouch. You can put magazines, important papers, or just small devices like smartphones and tablets in your pockets. It’s meant to be used with traditional platform beds of any size, from twin to king-size, but it is not intended for use on beds with soft mattresses.
Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail, Adjustable Senior Bed Rail and Bed Assist Grab Bar for Elderly Adults... Opens in a new tab.
  • Prevent Falls: The EZ Adjust Bed Rail adjusts in length from 26 to 34 to 42 inches, helping to...
  • Folding Bed Rail: Fold the support rail out of the way when not in use or while making your bed;...
  • Compatibility: For use with most traditional and platform beds including Twin, Full, Queen, King,...

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  • RMS Single Hand Bed Rail: This guard rail fits any size bed and is designed to make sitting up and lying back down easier. It can also be assembled with no tools required. But more importantly, it can block your pillows from falling. The sidebars are retractable and can be lowered to block pillows. Even if that wasn’t the intention of the design, it’s still pretty nifty.
RMS Single Hand Bed Rail - Adjustable Height Bed Assist Rail - Bedside Safety & Stability Grab Bar...
  • Fall Prevention & Mobility Independence - A secure grip to help you get in and out of bed safely....
  • Easily adjusts height to fit King, Queen, Full & Twin Beds.. Unique 3 bars/handles design makes...
  • No Assembly Tools Required. Easy and hassle-free quick installation. The installation instruction is...

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  • Stander BedCane Adult Bed Rail and Support: This guard rail fits thick mattresses. Like a few of the other guard rails, it has convenient pockets for holding your remote or smartphone and is easy to assemble. What makes it different from the others is the aesthetic design, as it doesn’t make your bed look like a child’s daybed.  

The downside to using a guard rail, however, is having to remove it from the bed every day. If you don’t want to accidentally roll into the guardrail while sleeping, it can be annoying to have it there at night as well. 

In the end, it may come down to what is most annoying: bumping into a guard rail or your pillow falling on the floor?

Use Adjustable Headrest Support

Since the headboard gap is the most common reason for falling pillows, resorting to an adjustable base could end all your problems for good. 

An adjustable bed base is a headrest that can be, you got it, adjusted so that the mattress will tilt up, blocking your pillow from falling. Of course, this is probably the most expensive solution on the list, so you may want to test other solutions before resorting to this.

Just in case you want to go the adjustable base route, here are some adjustable bed bases from Amazon to try out:

  • iDealDed 3i Adjustable Bed: This one is an adjustable bed base that is programmable for comfort and convenience. It costs half the month’s rent for the average person, so it’s more of a luxury than anything.
iDealBed 3i Custom Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, Zero Gravity, One Touch Comfort Positions,... Opens in a new tab.
  • Enhance your comfort and sleep with full head and foot articulation the Head Adjusts up to 70° and...
  • Luxurious Interactive Wireless Ergonomic Remote with 8 Buttons, Back-Lit and marked function buttons...
  • Advanced Smooth and Silent Drive Technology Motors, German engineered Okin motors to iDealBed...

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  • Blissful Nights e3 Adjustable Bed Base: This one is pretty pricey, but that’s because it’s a king-size bed base with a remote. So it’s large and comfortable and can be adjusted at your convenience, without having to get up. And of course, it comes in many sizes, so you could with a more affordable twin size or queen size depending on your needs.
Blissful Nights King e3 Adjustable Bed Base Frame with Head and Foot Incline, Wireless Remote... Opens in a new tab.
  • Health-Designed Sleep – Raise your head and feet to help open airways, alleviate congestion or...
  • Wireless Remote (Batteries Included) – Customize your sleeping position.
  • Quality Components – premium steel construction and whisper quiet motors.

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  • Sven & Son Essential Adjustable Bed Base: This is another bed base that comes in many sizes and is designed to use memory foam, latex, and air mattresses. It will also work with all mattress types.
  • Lucid L150 Bed Base: Last but not least, the L150 is a split base, meaning that you can have two people in the same bed with different adjustments. So say your spouse was on one side and you were on the other. You could lift your side of the bed while your spouse could leave their side down, which makes it pretty convenient for couples.
Lucid L150 Adjustable Base – Bed Frame with Head and Foot Incline – Wireless Remote Control –... Opens in a new tab.
  • STURDY & STYLISH – Wood frame is made from 100% solid wood and features clean and traditional...
  • WIRELESS REMOTE – Bed Frame includes a wireless remote for easy control access with user friendly...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST MATTRESSES – Bedframe is compatible with any Lucid mattress, most mattresses...

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Heavier Pillows

If the pillows are sliding everywhere, get heavier pillows. Ideally, a flat-bottomed pillow would be the way to go here. For your pillow wrangling needs, here are some heavy pillows from Amazon that won’t slide off the bed:

  • Pillow Cube Side Sleeper Pro: This is a memory foam support pillow designed for pain relief in the neck and back. So even while staying firmly in place on your bed, it will also prevent back and neck pain.
  • Dlight Bedding Memory Foam Pillow: This pillow is meant for back and stomach sleepers. It comes in three sizes of thickness, but since we’re trying to keep the pillow from sliding off the bed, we’re going to want to go with the thickest size. Much like the Pillow Cube, which is a memory foam pillow, your neck and back would be supported as well.
Dlight Bedding Slim 3.2" Memory Foam Full Pillow-Thin, Flat, Soft Yet Supportative for Belly, Back&...
  • 💤[SLIM DESIGN FOR STOMACH AND BACK SLEEPERS] Slim pillow design 3.2-3.4 inches thick,soft yet...
  • 💤[PRESSURE RELIEF AND NECK SUPPORT] With medium-firm and low profile foam, ergonomic edge ,this...
  • 💤 [REMOVABLE,MACHINE WASHABLE BAMBOO COVER] Polyester-Bamboo bleached cover, super soft feeling...

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Or, if you’d rather not spend the cash, you can always make your regular pillow heavier. Fold up a pair of jeans and slide them inside the bottom side of your pillowcase. This provides an instant weight system that keeps your pillow on the bed where it’s supposed to be.

Elevate the Mattress Foundation

This is yet another way to solve the headboard gap issue. If your mattress doesn’t properly fit your bed frame and is too small, it leaves a large space between the headboard and the mattress. 

A little space is intentional to make fitting the sheets easier, but too much space results in your pillows falling, which can be solved with a taller foundation.

How To Raise a Box Spring

A box spring is a type of base for a bed. To close the gap between the mattress and the headboard, you can simply make the box spring higher:

  • Make a platform yourself: The cheapest way to raise your box spring is probably to make a platform yourself. Of course, you will need to know how to work with the tools required to create a plywood platform. If you didn’t take Woodshop in high school, it might be a good idea to skip this one.
  • Use a mattress topper: This method requires no knowledge of power tools. A mattress topper is like a mini mattress. It’s thin and light and can add an extra layer of comfort, so in this instance, it can add an extra layer of height.
  • Add planks: Find some wooden planks and simply place them across the foundation. 
  • Use a Bunkie Board: A Bunkie Board is a foundation that can be used as a box spring or to make a box spring higher. 

Extra Amazon Resources

The Zinus Gulzar Easy Assembly Quick Lock is a Bunkie Board made of steel and designed for a queen-sized bed. It may even be a better option than wooden planks because steel is sturdier and more durable.

The Linenspa Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a memory foam mattress topper that comes in multiple sizes, from twin to king. It’s affordable, has great reviews, and is an extremely easy way to make your foundation taller, no power tools are required.

Linenspa 2 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Gel Infused Full Mattress Topper, CertiPUR-US Certified Opens in a new tab.
  • PERSONALIZED COMFORT: Plush gel infused memory foam conforms to your curves for personalized comfort...
  • PERFECTLY PAIRED: Pair your memory foam gel topper with a mattress topper cover for added protection...
  • MATTRESS MAKEOVER: Rejuvenate an old mattress, soften a too-hard mattress, or simply prolong the...

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