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GPS Trackers For Dementia And Children With Autism

GPS trackers can be a fantastic way to keep track of needed items like keys, cars, luggage, and pets. But they are even more important when you are caring for an adult with dementia or a child with autism. In those cases, a GPS tracker can be an important aspect of personal care and medical or emergency response.  

Fortunately, these technologies are improving rapidly, making GPS trackers even more small and discrete, effective and precise, and affordable to own and operate. Here are some of the best GPS trackers for dementia and children with autism in 2020.  

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MeritSoar Kids Smart Watch Phone with GPS Tracker

This smartwatch with GPS tracker is designed for children, but the design could also be worn by adults and seniors with dementia, for secure GPS tracking at all times. This smartwatch pinpoints location using GPS and LBS technologies over the 2G network for great coverage and precise tracking. It also uses Wi-Fi for location only (not data services).  

It has an SOS button for emergency notifications, where one button press will call up to 3 emergency numbers you program.  

The MeritSoar Kids Smart Watch Phone with GPS Tracker has a companion iOS and Android app with great features and controls. Using the app, parents can set a safe zone and receive a notification if the boundary is broken.  

With the app, you can program the watch to call up to 10 phone numbers, and you can also configure a “monitoring” number that will always connect to the watch and allow you to listen. You can even use the app to remotely take pictures through the watch.  

The MeritSoar Kids Smart Watch Phone with GPS Tracker comes in pink, blue, and black colors. It has text and voice chat, device and remote control camera, a flashlight, alarm clocks, and even a learning game. It is also waterproof and lasts up to a full day on a single charge.  

Reasons to Buy

  • Streamlined design can appeal to kids and adults 
  • Good tracking and location features, including GPS and LBS location, setting a boundary safe area, and retracing location history  
  • Good emergency services, including SOS button, remote monitoring from the app, remote camera use from the app, and a flashlight 
  • Many basic smartwatch functions without requiring data services 

Reasons to Avoid

  • The 2G network is not available in all areas 

Jiobit – Smallest Real-Time Location Tracker for Kids 

The discrete little location tracker from Jiobit uses GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks to track locations. You can track at any distance, whether your child is in their room or across town. Even better, location data is protected with a dedicated security chip and secure encryption, so you are never sharing your child’s location data with strangers.  

Using the Android or iOS companion app, you can receive notifications when the location changes, set up a geo-fence and know when the boundary is crossed, and get location data in real-time. You can also allow multiple users on the app, so both parents or multiple family members can get updates.  

The Jiobit Real-Time Location Tracker is small and unobtrusive, making it suitable for tracking adults with dementia as well. It has built-in loops and clips so it can easily be attached to clothing, worn on a belt, laced into a shoe, or attached to a key ring. It is water-resistant, and energy-efficient technologies allow it to last up to a week on a single charge. Jiobit is an American company with US-based tech support.  

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2,459 Reviews
Jiobit Gen 2 - Tracker for Kids, Teens, Seniors, Autism, Special Needs, Dementia | Real-Time GPS... Opens in a new tab.
  • Jiobit Subscription Plan: The Jiobit tracker requires a subscription data plan to stay connected....

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Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight and discrete, with multiple attachment options 
  • Wide range of alerts and notifications available through the app
  • Excellent battery life 
  • Data authentication and encryption for secure information sharing  
  • Track location at any distance, even indoors  
  • No noise, features, or capabilities; just a simple tracker 

Reasons to Avoid ❌

  • No SOS button 
  • Requires the presence of a cellular network, so may not work in areas with poor mobile coverage 

B’zT Washable Tracking Device Sensor Pre-Embedded T-Shirt 

Unlike GPS tracking devices that can be taken off and lost, this t-shirt from B’zT has a GPS tracker attached to it. The shirt is made of 100% cotton, and soft, comfortable, and completely washable. It uses Bluetooth technology to pair to your device and automatically alerts you when your child has strayed out of range.  

It automatically adjusts range depending on whether you are indoors or outdoors and uses Google Maps to pinpoint the last location. You can track up to 5 T-shirts on the same app. The unique chipset of the B’zT t-shirt never needs charging, because the battery lasts an average of 10 months, and then is completely biodegradable. 

The B’zT Washable Tracking Device Sensor Pre-Embedded T-Shirt comes in nine attractive colors and patterns. Because it uses Bluetooth, there is no need for a data network, and there is no plan or monthly service charge required. The chipset is FCC and KC approved.  

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  • FREE FAMILY APP COMES WITH B’ZT - Download B’zT Family App for free at Apple App Store or Google...
  • SIMPLE AND FUN TO USE – Let’s have fun to find a hidden B’zT Chipset in a patch or a pocket....
  • EASY TO CARE: MACHINE WASHABLE - When you are done using it for the day, simply throw into your...

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Reasons to Buy ✅

  • T-shirt with embedded tracking, so there’s no need to use an external device 
  • The shirt is made of cotton and comes in fun and fashionable colors 
  • No charging or maintenance for an average of 10 months 
  • Machine washable 
  • Chipset is biodegradable 
  • Receive instant alerts when the tracker is out of range 
  • Can be used for up to 5 shirts at the same time 
  • The app is free, no plans or monthly charges 

Reasons to Avoid ❌

  • Shirts only come in children’s sizes, although they may fit smaller adults 
  • No geofencing or more advanced tracking features 
  • No SOS button 

GeoZilla GPS Location Tracker

This mini GPS location tracker from GeoZilla offers precise tracking throughout the US and the world. It uses GPS and global GSM and LTE networks for precise tracking, It is small and lightweight, easy to clip to clothing or attach to a keychain. It also has a dedicated SOS button that sends alerts when pressed.  

With the GeoZilla GPS Location Tracker Android or iOS app, you can track and receive location history at home or around the world. Create custom departure and arrival notifications for set locations, establish a geo-fence, and determine what happens when the SOS button is pressed.  

The tracker lasts for up to 5 days on a single charge. GeoZilla is based in the US and offers a free 30-day data package with the purchase of the tracker. 

GeoZilla GPS Location Tracker for Kids Elderly Pets Dogs Luggage | Utilizes Cellular, WiFi and GPS |... Opens in a new tab.
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191 Reviews
GeoZilla GPS Location Tracker for Kids Elderly Pets Dogs Luggage | Utilizes Cellular, WiFi and GPS |... Opens in a new tab.
  • SERVICE PLANS are available in the app when you first pair your device. Monthly fees range from...
  • CUSTOM ALERTS | SOS BUTTON | GEO-FENCE ZONES - Create your custom departure and arrival...
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - up to 5 days on a full charge with 60sec location updates. Using battery safe...

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Reasons to Buy ✅

  • Small and discreet, easy to use and wear 
  • SOS button 
  • National and global coverage 
  • Long battery life lasts up to 5 days 
  • Custom alerts in the app 
  • No noise, features, or capabilities; just a simple tracker 
  • Comes with a free 30-day data plan 
  • US-based support 

Reasons to Avoid ❌

  • Requires 3G/LTE coverage to work, so won’t transmit in dead zones 
  • The app may not be very stable


Before choosing a GPS tracker for a dementia patient or child with autism, it is a good idea to check what technologies the tracker uses, and verify that you have the proper coverage in your city and neighborhood, or anywhere else you need to be.

It’s also important to factor in the monthly cost of any necessary data or service plans. But with the right GPS tracker, you can keep your family and loved ones safe, and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing right where they are.  

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