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SonderMind Vs. Cerebral ⚖️ Which Is Better?

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A rising number of people are in need of mental health services for dealing with everything from depression to anxiety. SonderMind and Cerebral are both dedicated to matching patients with the help that they need.

So when it comes to SonderMind vs. Cerebral, which should you choose? In the following article, we offer a detailed review of both platforms to help you pick the one that best fits your needs.

Choosing between the two may depend on availability in your state. SonderMind is available in 17 states and counting. Cerebral is already available in all 50 states and Washington, DC, and serves patients in the UK.

SonderMind Vs. Cerebral ⚖️ Which Is Better?

SonderMind vs. Cerebral Comparison Table

Price$89 per session (average price)$259 per month
Mobile App Available YesYes
Text TherapyNoYes
Video TherapyYesYes
In-Person TherapyYesNo
Accepts InsuranceYesYes
Access to Prescriptions YesYes
Age Range13 and older18 and older

What Is SonderMind?

SonderMind is one of many online therapy platforms designed to connect patients with qualified mental health professionals. The company was established in 2014 to help people find affordable healthcare services. 

SonderMind is based in Denver and provides services in at least 17 states. The number of states where SonderMind can provide its services continues to grow. So if your state is currently not supported, it may be in the near future.

SonderMind continues to expand. The company recently acquired a neuroscience company to improve its data-driven healthcare solutions. 

SonderMind provides access to video therapy and in-person therapy. The company does not offer text therapy. However, you can arrange psychiatry services to receive prescription medications. SonderMind also accepts insurance, which can significantly reduce the cost of therapy. 

How Does SonderMind Work?

SonderMind acts as an intermediary between patients and mental health professionals. The company pairs you with a suitable therapist or psychiatrist. The therapist or psychiatrist that you see sets the costs. SonderMind processes the bills and submits insurance claims. 

Using SonderMind does not require you to pay for a membership. The only costs come from the sessions that you arrange through the platform. However, you need to create an account to receive matches.

SonderMind has a short assessment that you can complete online or over the phone. After answering a few questions, SonderMind will match you with a licensed mental health professional in your state. You can schedule your first appointment for an in-person session or virtual session using video chat. 

What Is Cerebral?

Cerebral is a telehealth platform that provides access to therapy and psychiatry services from licensed mental health professionals. Customers can pay to arrange therapy sessions over the phone or a web browser using video chat or text messages. 

Cerebral was founded in January 2020, making it one of the newer telehealth platforms. The company treats depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other mental conditions using remote therapy. Over 400,000 members currently use Cerebral for mental health services.

The company operates in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Cerebral had just five people on its team in 2020 but now has over 5,000 employees in the US alone.

How Does Cerebral Work?

Cerebral provides several options for obtaining mental health services, depending on where you live. If you live in the UK, you can pay for an individual session or recurring sessions. Recurring sessions save 25% to 30% compared to individual sessions, which start at £79 (about $95). 

Patients in the US can choose from online therapy, online medication management, or a combination of the two. Online therapy starts at $259 per month. 

Choosing online therapy and medication management includes access to weekly therapy sessions and regular checkups with a licensed psychiatrist. These plans start at $325 per month in the US, but insurance may reduce the cost. 

All plans start with an evaluation to help better understand your needs. You can then select a therapist and begin your weekly sessions over the phone or using video chat. 

Members also gain access to self-care resources, such as planners and informative articles. The plans are billed monthly, and you can cancel at any time. 

Why Choose SonderMind?

SonderMind is ideal for those that want to arrange in-person therapy in their local area. The company also offers a convenient way to arrange video therapy. However, you cannot schedule text therapy.

SonderMind helps bridge the gap between in-person and remote therapy. You can schedule video therapy sessions or in-person sessions with a local therapist. Few other options allow you to book appointments with local professionals. 

SonderMind may also provide a more affordable option, depending on whether your insurance covers therapy or psychiatry appointments. Instead of requiring you to pay a monthly fee or choose a membership plan, SonderMind does not charge users. The fees come directly from the therapist or psychiatrist that you work with. 

Why Choose Cerebral?

Cerebral may appeal to those that want greater flexibility compared to the options available from SonderMind. Cerebral gives you the option to arrange text-based therapy or video therapy. While you cannot arrange in-person appointments, you can still schedule weekly video appointments and text your therapist any day of the week.

Cerebral offers upfront pricing. You know exactly how much you are going to pay. Instead of paying the therapist, you pay Cerebral, which offers plans starting at $259 per month. The first month is also typically discounted. You may only pay $99 for the first month, depending on the plan that you choose. 

SonderMind vs. Cerebral—The Initial Process

The initial process for using either SonderMind or Cerebral involves many of the same steps. You first need to create an account and answer a few questions. However, Cerebral also requires you to choose a plan.

With Cerebral, you need to choose whether you want therapy, medication, or both. You also have the option to change to a different plan later. You then submit your payment details. The first month is discounted.

After signing up with SonderMind or Cerebral, the company finds a therapist or psychiatrist that most closely matches your needs. If you are not satisfied with the match, SonderMind and Cerebral can pair you with a new licensed therapist or psychiatrist. 

If you are happy with the match, you can schedule your first appointment. SonderMind allows you to schedule in-person or video appointments, while Cerebral allows you to set up weekly video/phone sessions.

SonderMind vs. Cerebral—What’s the Difference?

The main difference between SonderMind and Cerebral is the types of services available. SonderMind offers access to in-person treatment and virtual video sessions. Cerebral offers video sessions and text messaging. You can even arrange phone conversations if you are more comfortable with that method.

Along with the types of services offered, there are differences between the two platforms when it comes to price, ease of use, customer service, and availability. Here is a closer look.


SonderMind may offer a more affordable option. The cost depends on several factors, including whether your insurance covers mental healthcare and whether the therapist that you work with accepts your insurance. The average cost of a session arranged through SonderMind is about $89.

Cerebral charges $259 per month for weekly video therapy, which equals about $64 per week. If you require weekly therapy, Cerebral may save you money. However, if you only want to schedule an appointment every two to four weeks, SonderMind is likely to offer a better price.

Cerebral also offers psychiatry services starting at about $325 per month. Again, SonderMind is likely to result in lower costs, especially if you choose not to schedule weekly appointments. 

Ease of Use

Cerebral has a more straightforward process, as the company sets the prices and charges you directly. SonderMind charges you based on the prices set by your therapist or psychiatrist. 

Cerebral also has an intuitive mobile app. New users should have no problem navigating the app, scheduling appointments, and setting up video therapy sessions. 

SonderMind also has a mobile app, but it is used specifically for managing your account. You can schedule appointments and pay your bill through the app but still need to use a web browser for video therapy sessions. 

Customer Service

SonderMind and Cerebral allow you to contact customer service over the phone or using email. You can reach the SonderMind customer service department between 5 am and 7 pm Monday through Friday and between 8 am and 5 pm on Saturdays. You may need to wait over 24 hours for a response to an inquiry sent on a Sunday. 

The Cerebral customer serviceOpens in a new tab. department is available every day of the week. You can send a message using email, an online contact form, or your phone. Customer service is available between 6 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday and between 7 am and 4 pm on the weekends.


SonderMind is not available everywhere. The company currently offers access to licensed mental health professionals in 17 different states. Cerebral is available throughout all 50 states and Washington, DC. The company also operates in the UK.

While Cerebral is available in all 50 states, the number of available therapists and psychiatrists can vary. Depending on where you live, you may have better luck finding a suitable therapist using one service over the other. 

SonderMind vs. Cerebral—Pros and Cons

Compare SonderMind and Cerebral by looking at the main advantages and disadvantages of both services…

SonderMind Pros

  • Offers access to in-person treatment
  • You do not pay membership fees
  • Prescription medications available in select areas

SonderMind Cons

  • Only available in 17 states
  • No text-based therapy option

Cerebral Pros

  • Available in all 50 states and DC
  • Upfront pricing 
  • The first month is available at a discount

Cerebral Cons

  • Text-based therapy is not always available
  • Not available for dependents under the age of 18

SonderMind vs. Cerebral—How to Choose the Right Platform

Choosing an online therapy platform is a serious decision, as your mental health is of the utmost importance. Some of the details that may influence your decision include:

  • The type of treatment you seek
  • The availability of treatments in your area
  • The cost of the service
  • Insurance coverage 

SonderMind offers access to a wider range of treatments compared to Cerebral, as the company offers both in-person and remote therapy. You can also arrange psychiatry appointments. 

If you suspect that you may eventually prefer to visit a local therapist or psychiatrist in-person, SonderMind may be the right platform for you. It is one of the only online therapy programs that also provides access to in-person appointments. 

The cost of services can vary significantly depending on the service that you choose and whether your insurance covers outpatient mental health treatments. Both SonderMind and Cerebral work with some of the largest insurers to help reduce the cost of therapy for patients. However, Cerebral charges a monthly service fee.

SonderMind only charges the fees set by the therapist or psychiatrist. You do not pay a separate monthly fee, which means that you may end up paying less for mental healthcare. Yet, SonderMind is only available in a limited number of states. 

If it is available in your area, SonderMind may be the right fit for those who want greater flexibility. You can choose between video sessions and in-person sessions. Cerebral may be the right fit if you want fixed pricing. Fixed pricing results in predictable healthcare costs that you can budget for. 


SonderMind and Cerebral offer many of the same features and advantages. You can use either platform to arrange virtual sessions with a licensed therapist or psychiatrist. Both platforms also accept insurance, which may reduce the cost of obtaining mental healthcare services.

Choosing between the two may depend on availability in your state. SonderMind is available in 17 states and counting. Cerebral is already available in all 50 states and Washington, DC, and serves patients in the UK.

Some people may also prefer Cerebral’s upfront pricing. The company has several membership plans. Your membership includes the cost of your therapy or psychiatry appointments. 

With SonderMind, you do not pay membership fees. Your therapist or psychiatrist sets the costs, which could result in a higher or lower price compared to using Cerebral.

In the end, either option is capable of providing reliable mental healthcare services. However, if you are not happy with the progress you make with one service, you can always switch to the other. 


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