SonderMind Vs. Headway ⚖️ Which Option Works Best?

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SonderMind and Headway are two fast-growing websites designed to assist people searching for mental healthcare. Both sites help connect patients with licensed therapists and psychiatrists. However, you only need to use one site to find help.

So, which is better – SonderMind vs. Headway? The answer depends on what you hope to get out of the service and the type of treatment you are looking for.

Headway specializes in pairing you with in-network therapists for in-person sessions. SonderMind offers in-person and online therapy with therapists that may or may not accept insurance.

In the following review, we’ll compare SonderMind and Headway to help you decide which platform is best suited to your situation.

SonderMind Vs. Headway ⚖️ Which Option Works Best?

SonderMind Vs. Headway Comparison Table

Price$85$20 to $50
Mobile App AvailableYesNo
Text TherapyNoNo
Video TherapyYesNo
In-Person TherapyYesYes
Accepts InsuranceYesYes
Offers PrescriptionsYesYes
State Availability 17 states15 states

What Is SonderMind?

SonderMind is a web-based service that provides access to mental health services. Users can find therapists or psychiatrists and book sessions online or through a mobile app. You also have the option of arranging appointments in-person or via video chat on a laptop or desktop computer.

Mark Frank founded the company to help people receive access to high-quality mental healthcare. He also wanted to help mental health providers focus on offering quality care and take advantage of modern technological advances. 

SonderMind launched in 2014 and is now one of several websites that provides access to telehealth services. You can receive mental healthcare from a licensed professional without leaving your home. 

What Is Headway?

Headway is a web-based service that connects patients with healthcare providers. You can find therapists or psychiatrists in your immediate area that accept your insurance plan. The company specializes in pairing patients with in-network providers, helping to reduce the cost of therapy.

Headway was founded in 2019. However, the origins of the company go back to 2015 when the founder was struggling to find adequate mental healthcare services. According to the founder, about 70% of therapists do not accept insurance, making it costly for the average patient.

Headway was created to make therapy more accessible to more people. Since its launch, Headway has helped thousands of people find more affordable mental healthcare services.

How Does SonderMind Work?

SonderMind is an online service that connects you with a licensed therapist or psychiatrist. You can arrange in-person or video chat therapy sessions. 

Using SonderMind requires you to create an account with the website. You need to provide your personal details and billing information. The company collects your payment details to cover any out-of-pocket expenses for the session.

SonderMind asks a series of questions during the signup process to better understand the type of mental healthcare you require. They then try to match you with the therapist or psychiatrist that best fits your criteria.

You book sessions directly through SonderMind. The company handles the insurance paperwork and determines what you owe. You can handle scheduling, billing, and messaging your therapist directly through SonderMind on the company’s website or mobile app. 

SonderMind works with in-network and out-of-network therapists and psychiatrists. You can find licensed professionals that accept most major insurance plans, including FSA, HAS, and Medicare plans. 

How Does Headway Work?

Headway is an online service designed to match patients with licensed mental health professionals in their area. It does not provide virtual therapy or telehealth services. 

You can find a local therapist or psychiatrist, book appointments, and pay bills through Headway. The website is designed to help you find a mental health professional that accepts your insurance, which can significantly reduce the cost of therapy.

You need to create an account with Headway to get started. As with SonderMind, Headway asks questions to narrow the search for the right therapist or psychiatrist. The company searches for licensed professionals that provide the best fit based on the information that you provide. 

Using the service does not cost you anything. The costs come from the therapy or psychiatry services that you arrange through the platform. 

Headway handles the insurance claim and determines your deductible or copay. As with SonderMind, Headway can help you find services from a therapist or psychiatrist that accepts FSA, HSA, or Medicare plans.

What Are the Advantages of SonderMind?

SonderMind stands out from similar websites by providing access to both in-person and remote therapy and psychiatry services. Many of its competitors, such as Betterhelp and Talkspace, specialize in online-only therapy. Others, such as Headway, only offer in-person therapy.

SonderMind gives you greater flexibility. While there is a greater chance that your insurance may not be accepted, you also have the freedom to choose the type of service that works best for you. 

SonderMind is also one of the few online services that can arrange remote psychiatric services with psychiatrists that can prescribe medications. Most other options require you to schedule in-person sessions to receive medications as part of your treatment.

Compared to Headway, SonderMind may also appeal to those that want the most convenient booking system. SonderMind has a dedicated mobile app that you can use to book appointments and pay bills instead of visiting the website. 

SonderMind is entirely free to use. You do not have to pay for the services provided by SonderMind. You only need to pay for the therapy or psychiatry sessions, depending on what is covered by your insurance.

What Are the Advantages of Headway?

Headway is also free to use. You only pay for the sessions.

Yet, Headway offers several key advantages when it comes to finding mental health services. First, the company has access to a larger selection of licensed mental health professionals that accept insurance.

The founder of Headway claims that many of the therapists and psychiatrists that work with the platform do not accept insurance through other online services. You are more likely to find in-network healthcare providers using Headway compared to other online services, such as SonderMind.

Headway currently works with over 20,000 providers in the states where it operates. The company also claims that it expects to add 1,400 new providers each month in the coming year. 

The fact that Headway works with more licensed mental health professionals that accept insurance helps reduce the average cost of therapy for its customer base. According to Headway, customers pay an average of $20 to $30 for each therapy session. SonderMind claims that the average cost of therapy using its service is closer to $85 per session. 

Pricing and booking are completed online using Headway, which makes it easier to understand the cost of the services that you obtain. The pricing is completely transparent, ensuring that you know the cost before agreeing to use any services.

The Initial Process – Creating an Account

SonderMind and Headway have similar processes for connecting you with licensed mental health professionals in your region. You need to create an account to start the search. 

Both platforms ask questions about your mental health and specific needs to filter the search for therapists and psychiatrists. 

You do not need to pay upfront for any services. Both sites handle billing but do not charge a separate fee for using the platform.

SonderMind vs. Headway – What’s the Difference?

The main difference between SonderMind and Headway is the way that the two platforms facilitate therapy sessions. SonderMind allows you to arrange in-person sessions or video chat sessions. With SonderMind, you can receive therapy online from the comfort of your home. 

Headway only arranges in-person sessions with local professionals. However, Headway also focuses on finding therapists and psychiatrists that accept your insurance. 


Headway searches for licensed healthcare professionals that accept your insurance, which could result in savings of 75% or more compared to paying out of pocket. 

SonderMind can also help find therapists and psychiatrists that accept insurance, but it is not a prerequisite. You can still use SonderMind to find therapists and psychiatrists that do not accept insurance, which will likely result in a higher cost. 

Ease of Use

Both platforms make it easy to find therapists or psychiatrists that meet your needs. Insurance and billing are the most confusing aspects for the typical user. You need to provide details of your insurance plan and wait for a response from the insurance company to determine if the therapy sessions are covered. 

Customer Service

SonderMind and Headway have reliable customer service. You can contact the customer service department if you have any questions or concerns about the service, including billing or insurance issues. 

SonderMind customer support is available Monday through Friday between 5 am and 7 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 5 pm. You can reach customer service at or (844) 256-8915. 

Headway does not currently offer live phone or live chat support. You can reach customer support using a contact form on the company’s website. The customer support team is available between 9 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday. 


SonderMind and Headway are not available in every state. SonderMind currently works with therapists and psychiatrists in 17 states and the District of Columbia (DC). Headway currently operates in 15 states and DC. 

Both companies intend to expand their reach into other states. Depending on where you live, you may only have access to one or none of these services. If neither service is available in your state, other options are available, including comparing SonderMind and Betterhelp

SonderMind vs. Headway – Pros and Cons

Use the following pros and cons for a quick look at how SonderMind and Headway compare.

SonderMind Pros

  • Access to a wide range of mental health services
  • Accepts many different insurance plans
  • You can message your therapist any time
  • The choice between remote and in-person sessions 
  • You can access your account using a mobile app

SonderMind Cons

  • Only available in certain states
  • A smaller selection of in-network providers

Headway Pros

  • Access to a wider selection of in-network providers
  • You are less likely to pay the full cost of therapy
  • You can book online with local therapists
  • Pricing is completely transparent and easy to understand
  • Access to a variety of mental health services

Headway Cons

  • Only available in certain states
  • Does not offer a mobile app or video chat 

How to Choose the Best Source for Finding a Therapist

Choosing between SonderMind and Headway is not easy, as both websites provide relatively similar services. You can find a therapist or psychiatrist in your city or town using either platform. You may also find in-network providers to help reduce or eliminate the cost of therapy. 

You should think about the differences between the two services to decide which one is best for your needs. 

First, SonderMind has a mobile app. While you can access the website for either service on the typical smartphone or tablet, using a dedicated mobile app is a little more convenient for some people. 

SonderMind also offers access to online therapy. You can arrange sessions with a therapist or psychiatrist using video chat. This allows you to receive mental health services without leaving your home. 

You can also message your therapist or psychiatrist and receive a response instead of waiting for your next appointment, giving you greater access to your mental healthcare.

Headway does not have a mobile app or video chat. It only connects you with local therapists or psychiatrists. However, it also has a better track record of helping patients find in-network providers that accept their insurance plans. 


SonderMind and Headway were created to help people avoid the typically high cost of mental healthcare, which is often a barrier to receiving effective treatment for mental health disorders. 

Both websites connect patients with qualified therapists and psychiatrists. Headway specializes in pairing you with in-network therapists for in-person sessions. SonderMind offers in-person and online therapy with therapists that may or may not accept insurance.

In the end, both options can help you find reliable mental health services in your area. If you specifically want the option to complete therapy online via video chat, consider trying SonderMind. 

If you want local mental health services from an in-network therapist, consider trying Headway. You also have the freedom to try one service after the other if you are unhappy with the results.


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